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9/27/13 1:22 P

I agree that it sounds like a hydration issue, but could also be nutrition. What are you eating and/or drinking before, during, and after your runs? (I generally have about 16 oz. of water before I run, not very much during (unless it's hot), and 16-24 oz. after, depending on how I feel. I almost always run first thing in the morning, without eating anything. Up to a 10-mile run, I don't take anything during, but if I'm going longer than that, I have a Gu at around the 8-mile mark. Then I eat breakfast--usually a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter--when I get back.)

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9/27/13 12:34 P

Check your hydration first, especially if it's happening more on especially long runs than on especially intense (but shorter) ones.

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9/27/13 10:40 A

How much and what are you drinking during your runs? you might be dehydrated.

For me personally, before a long run I eat very little otherwise I get an upset stomach. For runs under 12 miles I just do water. I find Gatorade to be to sweet (even the low calorie version). Anything over that then I eat dried fruit. Afterwards I eat protein (usually eggs).

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9/27/13 9:10 A

for me the 6-8 mile range is where it changes. anything below i can do on an empty stomach with nothing to drink during and be fine. above that range is where i need to eat before, i need to drink during, some of what i drink has to be electrolytes, i need to eat right after [hungry yet or not i typically have a hard boiled egg or graham crackers and pb before i take my shoes off], and i do a lot better when i have some sort of stuff [gel blocks, jelly beans, goo] about halfway through.

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9/27/13 6:44 A

How much time off did you take after the race before you started distance runs again? How often are you doing long runs? Are you tracking all of your food in your nutrition tracker? What is your recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume?

Coach Jen

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9/27/13 6:37 A

Could you share a bit more about what you eat before you run? It will be difficult to gauge whether or not this is a nutrition-related issue without knowing what you're eating.

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9/27/13 6:26 A

Hi, just wonder if you could advise me...just recently completed half marathon and feel very off after long runs 9 miles +. Light headed, weak etc. I think it is up to what I am eating (or not eating enough of) any ideas?

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