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SANDICANE Posts: 3,111
1/30/13 8:30 P

I have exercised for the past 3 days even though I was sick, but didn't do any cardio!!! Cripes, no energy for cardio!!!

FOXMOON Posts: 822
1/30/13 3:02 P

I think it depends on what I've got that decides if I work out that day -- but usually if I am feeling under the weather I do some light yoga, or just take it as a rest day. I wouldn't go full-out like I would if I were at 100% strength.

Feel better!

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Happily in maintenance!

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ANTHEE62 Posts: 21
1/30/13 2:54 P

Should you exercise when you are not feeling 100%? I was diagnosed with Shingles in the beginning of the year, but seem to get over it. This last week I have been feeling very tired and today woke up with cold sores along my bottom lip. The worst I've ever had. Should I try to exercise a little?


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