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PUDDIN1970 Posts: 29
1/31/12 9:00 P

only thing I can say is stick with it!! I know what you mean about the job search. I have been looking for a new job and its getting frustrating and disappointing. But know what.. something out there is gonna come your way. Maybe you thought that was the right job - but it really wasnt. I know its hurtful and makes you want to eat junk food.. but just think when you do start a job - you want to look your best! Use that as a motivation point. Just do your best.. everyone messes up - we all just have to start the next day with a fresh start and outlook!

Best of luck!! I know you will find something that is special just for you!

BABYASH89 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/31/12 6:49 P

Thanks very much for all your support and advice. I'm very much more determined to keep working at everything! I got up early this morning to do a personal training session with a close friend. I had a good breakfast and I have a basketball game tonight. Things up looking up :)

IZZYS_MOM Posts: 100
1/31/12 10:54 A

I'm sorry you didn't get the job! That adds a lot of stress, and stress makes it easier to eat unhealthy. Staying at home makes it hard to resist the constant temptation of the kitchen. Get out, go for a walk, enjoy the beautiful things in life all around you! And don't skip dinner. Maybe eat a lighter dinner today, but don't go hungry. And remember tomorrow is a new day! Good luck!

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1/31/12 9:22 A


I'm sorry you didn't get the job you wanted, but keep circulating your resume. When a door closes, look for that open window. I know you'd love to turn to comfort food, but eating junk food won't make the situation any better. In fact, it will just make it worse when you start feeling guilty for eating too much.

I know this isn't easy, but you need to find other ways to reduce your stress. If you're low on funds, take a walk around the neighborhood. Go to the library to listen to a lecture, read a book or magazine. The library is a great place for a person to relax as well as engage those little grey cells.

There are lots of ways for a person to eat healthy on a budget. The fact is, our grandparents and parents made it through the Great Depression. If they can do it, so can we.

Hang in there !! Things do get better.

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1/31/12 8:47 A


So sorry to hear of your job situation. I hope something comes up soon for you.

One thing I have learned is that food never replaces the emotions we are meant to experience. It's OK to feel sad and disappointed. This may be where journaling can help or coming to the message boards like you did earlier. Remember too, when we feel our life is out of our control, we have to look for ways to gain it back. That could be going for a nice walk and thinking about the next step you need to take. Or talking with a friend on the phone. This allows you to step away from the food and take life by the horns.

Hang in there! I hope something comes your way soon.

Coach Nancy

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,620)
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1/31/12 4:50 A

I always remember that being tight on money means that I only have so much food around, and if I eat all of it, then later on in the week I'll have to go hungry..or buy more and go over my grocery budget for the week.

BABYASH89 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/31/12 3:02 A

Im just having one of those days. I started out good with breakfast and intentions to get to the gym, and then I found out I didnt get a job that I really wanted and started eating unhealthy and way too much. Im unemployed at the moment so I am finding it so hard to stay motivated and stay occupied without eating. Im stuck in a slump.

Now I want to skip dinner so I dont eat more calories, but I know I shouldnt really.

Any advice is welcome.

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