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5/15/11 2:37 P

I got the rainy day blues

All in good time...and with the help of my friends.
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5/14/11 7:48 P

hope you feel better!

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4/26/11 8:36 P

I love the internet. Especially when it actually finds what I want it to find. Thanks!

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4/26/11 8:00 P

After thinking more about it I came back to your blog to suggest dehydration but the electrolytes being off makes even more sense. Don't you just love the Internet!! Hope your all better real soon!

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4/26/11 7:33 P

A thought had just occurred to me so I did some research and my symptoms also match hyponatremia. I went from barely getting 2.5 cups of water per day to getting 8 cups per day. I probably threw my electrolytes off. I need to replace half of that water with gatorade or something similar. All the exercise and water I've been adding daily is probably what's throwing me off.

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4/26/11 7:24 P

Thank you for your advice. My sinus and allergy symptoms are usually more obvious but they are chronic problems for me. Since they haven't been a real problem for a couple years I may have forgotten the symptoms so that could well be what the problem is. The good news is I know how to treat it. The bad news is I have to take a few days off from the gym which means slowing down my progress. It's better to take the time off now and fix the problem before it gets worse and possibly lands me in the hospital where I will probably miss more time at the gym and take longer to recover.

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4/26/11 7:11 P

Not sure what it could be. Have you had a cold or fever recently? If your going on 5-7 days of symptoms you really should see a doctor. Low blood pressure, diabetes ???. Your symptoms are general and could be anything. Good Luck. Hope you feel better soon!

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4/26/11 7:06 P

Sorry you're not feeling well. Couple things to think about: allergies, sinus infection, drainage. Perhaps they could even be inter-twined. Headaches could be from sinus pressure, nausea could be from drainage. Lightheaded also sinus backup. I am not a Dr but when I feel like that I try some over-the-counter Zyrtec for a 3 or 4 days and see if it helps my symptoms or I might try some Sudafed PE. Sinus/allergies can also make you extremely tired and worn out. If your eyes are watering/itching chances it would be allergies. If not, most likely your sinuses. When my sinuses act up I can not function I get so tired. Hope pieces/parts of this help. Try calling your Dr and running through the symptoms they might have some over the counter suggestions. Sure hope you feel better soon. God bless!

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4/26/11 6:09 P

It started last week but I thought it was because it was that time of the month. But that ended on Thursday and it did get better for the weekend then it started again yesterday.

Very mild almost unnoticeable nausea
Mild lightheadedness
Mild to moderate headaches
Getting 8 hours of sleep and getting up easier than before but feeling more fatigued than before

Anyone know what could be wrong? I don't think I'm over doing it with the exercising because I'm barely getting the minimum done.

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