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7/20/13 1:12 P

You see people on here say quite often that you just have to trust the system set up by Spark People. So, my first advice to you is to use the food tracker. Get that set up, and then make it public. I know it feels like everyone will be staring at what you eat...but it will help, trust me. Then track everything you eat. Don't lie on the tracker. Lying only makes the journey take longer.

Second, stop thinking about this as a diet. It's not a diet. It's a system that helps you change the way your see food, exercise, and life. Reducing it down to a diet will only make this more difficult for you.

Third, get up and do something. Take a walk. Weed your garden. Move. Don't sit still. Every moment you spend sitting still is a moment you could be using energy...and getting closer to your goals.

Fourth, and finally, set very definite goals. Saying you want to lose weight isn't enough. Saying you want to lose 20 pounds isn't enough. Say something like, "I want to be able to wear a tank top and not feel self-conscious." OR "I want to have a healthy BMI for the rest of my life." Aim for something that you have always wanted...and then move towards that goal.

You can do this! Be strong!

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7/20/13 11:45 A

I would suggest forgetting about the scale for a few weeks. I decided just a few days ago that I obsess way too much about that number and gauge all of my success on it. I threw it in the closet and vowed not to pull in back out for a couple of weeks!

Concentrate on eating whole, nutritious foods and getting more active. After a few weeks check the scale out again. I'm betting that relaxing a little about the number will help you concentrate on making better choices overall, not just doing anything it takes to see a loss on the scale.

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7/18/13 7:49 P

I'm sorry you are feeling down.

All I can suggest (if a suggestion is why you're posting?) is go for specifics: "Eating better" is too vague. While it can be a bore to weigh/measure and record EVERYTHING you eat, it's the only way I know (short of buying into one of those programs that provides you with packaged measured/weighed portions) to really know what, and how much, you actually are eating.

Diets don't work, not for the long term. What does work (you'll find tons of stories on this site supporting that) is attentive responsible self-control over what and how much you consume. You don't 'give up' anything, but you do pay attention to portion size and frequency.

And you don't try to change your whole life at once. "Indy-girl" who has lost over half her weight (she started at 460 or something, and is down to 218) blogs a lot about how it takes time, patience, and determination. She's right.

Good success to you!

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7/18/13 7:48 P

I feel the same way you are feeling.

I have cut back on food.
I have been exercising more.
I got on the scale and I gained .5 and then I checked half way through this week and noticed more gain.

Remember "Muscle weighs more than fat."

Measure your inches. Watch those move. That way if there is muscle you see the inches.

It is hot out too.. might be part of it.

Just know that I am here if you want to keep in touch.

I know you can do it. I can do it. Lets just not give up.

We only have this life - so lets make it a positive one.

You made a promise to yourself - keep the promises you make to yourself.

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7/18/13 6:03 P

I have tried so many diets over the years to lose weight. Nothing ever worked. I decided to just eat better and work out, but that seems to do nothing either. I'm losing ALL motivation to keep going. I feel like I'm just getting fatter by the minute :(

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