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ELLEDINE SparkPoints: (24,621)
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1/19/14 1:33 P

I took everyone's advice. I relaxed about the weight, I took 2 day off from exercise. I ate to the high end of my calories one day and to the low on the next day.
I weighed myself this morning and I had lost 3 pounds.
I think I need to relax and not be quite so serious about every day being perfect. I feel less stress now that I am not trying to be perfect.
Thanks everyone!!!

DLYNCH86 Posts: 215
1/17/14 10:55 A

One other suggestion would be to celebrate your weight loss. It is very hard to do that sometimes - I maintained in my 140s through 2013, which had been my goal but I want to get lower down and into the 130s if I can. I've had to remind myself constantly what a great achievement I have so far because it's very human and tempting to just moan internally at myself that I didn't step everything up enough yet. Thanks for posting because it's reminded me to celebrate my achievements too - the only other thing I would suggest is change your intermediate goals slightly - make them less about the weight and more about the health and fitness aspects.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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1/16/14 10:05 A

I always try to remember that the number on the scale is not what others see. What the world sees is how you look and how you act and how you feel about yourself. So ditch the scale for a couple of weeks and just try tracking how you feel, how your clothes are fitting, and the progress you make in your workouts. I guarantee there's progress there!

1/16/14 9:41 A

I feel your pain. I have been working out for 60-90 minutes most days and counting calories etc. for a month and not ONE pound has been lost not one. I was so mad last night I wanted to quit. I reminded myself that my stomach looks a little flatter and I feel stronger. I can run further than ever. Yes, I still have the whole stinking 40lbs to go and at this rate it will be years not months but I am stronger and healthier. I make much better choices. It sounds like you are doing the same. Keep it up and have faith! You can do it.

LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
1/16/14 8:57 A

Often this just means that the weight is at a plateau, and if you just keep doing what you've been doing to lose the weight, it will come off.

Other than that, it's probably best to consult your doctor regarding what he or she views your ideal weight to be, in light of your health history and their expertise. It's unwise for us to conjecture as to what physical problems - if any - underlie this standstill.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (243,678)
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1/16/14 12:34 A

The other thing that I meant to mention - how far are you off your goal weight? .... your BODY'S goal (ideal) weight? Sometimes it slows right down when we are there, or near there.


ELLEDINE SparkPoints: (24,621)
Fitness Minutes: (5,433)
Posts: 49
1/15/14 1:13 P

Thanks so much for all the encouraging words and ideas. I will check out the links too.
It helps to know others have went through it and been successful. I am better off than before, I have more energy and feel happier, so even if the scale doesn't move for awhile I am improving.

Thanks so much again everyone!!! emoticon

ITSABSURD SparkPoints: (18,393)
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1/15/14 1:03 P

It's just around the corner, don't lose hope. That pound just wants to know how dedicated you are, how far you're willing to push your mind in order to achieve your goals. You can do it.

RAVELGIRLY SparkPoints: (115,652)
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1/15/14 12:50 P

That happened to me a few times in my 85 pound weight loss journey. Several times, I would lose nothing for 3 weeks in a row and then the fourth week I'd lose 2 pounds all at once.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,782)
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1/15/14 10:16 A


What you're experiencing IS perfectly normal. While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. There will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. The weight doesn't magically drop off the minute we decide we need to lose. It's just not that simple. You didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight.

Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time. However, I CAN assure you that if you continue to eat right, watch your portions and get a little regular exercise that includes some strength training, the weight will come off your body.

Be kind to yourself as you would to others. Instead of fixating on what the scale says, keep looking for NON scale victories. Do your clothes fit better ? Can you walk up stairs without getting winded ? Can you walk or run a mile faster today than you could a month ago ? How's your blood pressure ? Do you know if your blood pressure has dropped, your doctor would be thrilled even if you didn't lose any weight. Lowering your blood pressure is a HUGE health benefit.

So, don't worry, you're doing fine.

LISASGONNADOIT SparkPoints: (38,611)
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1/15/14 8:33 A

I can relate, it is frustrating! You may want to change up your calorie intake for a day or two, this can sometimes readjust your metabolism. Keep hanging in there and continue to move forward.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (243,678)
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1/15/14 3:50 A

What you are experiencing is very common. Some people hit a plateau and sit there for quite a while, but then will start to lose again. Just keep eating within your range and making healthy choices, and get your exercise in. Some people find that if they change their exercise up a bit it can help.

Below are a couple links that you may find helpful:

I hope that you find further success, but remember - rather than being upset at being at a plateau, celebrate the fact that you have lost weight already and are doing so well. Even just a small loss is far better for our health than none!


LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (83,102)
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1/15/14 12:21 A

Go back to the reasons you started this......

I fall back on the realization that I feel better when I eat healthy...that I AM healthier when I eat right and exercise...and that even if I never lose another pound, I'm better off than I was a year ago! My Pre-Diabetes has not mushroomed out of control...which it WILL again if I choose not to take care of myself, so my future looks brighter!! Against that backdrop, its easier to ignore what's going on (or NOT! LOL) on my scale...and still try to make good decisions most all the time. Am I perfect? No way....but you keep making those choices, one at a time!!

ELLEDINE SparkPoints: (24,621)
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Posts: 49
1/14/14 9:15 P

Thanks, what do you do for motivation to keep going?

NICOLES0305 Posts: 511
1/14/14 8:47 P

Yep! Been there, done that! Don't give up!

ELLEDINE SparkPoints: (24,621)
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Posts: 49
1/14/14 8:39 P

I have lost 15 pounds which makes me happy, but the next pound doesn't want to come off!
I increased my exercise and am eating within my calories, but still nothing.
I feel like I am never going to lose another pound and this was a fluke that I lost what I did.

Has anyone else felt like that?

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