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1/6/13 11:46 A

Hi Emily,

It's amazing how many things are affected by hormones! But if you think about the power they have over the body (e.g. puberty) you can really see the effects.
I think it also takes a good doctor to see the signs, especially a while ago when there was less known about the condition.

I agree, self education is huge. I have several books I used to understand it.
I was also on blood pressure meds, but have gone off because of diet and exercise.

The low GI (glycemic index) diet is basically low carb. It controls the foods that spike insulin. The only thing I did was buy a small handbook of GI values, and used it constantly. There are actually a lot of options and I don't find it hard to stick to, but I do cheat here and there!


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1/6/13 5:44 A

Thanks to everyone for the tips, exercise suggestions, encouragement, etc. Yes, I am aware that I don't necessarily have the best attitude, and I'm usually pessimistic, but joining this website has made me feel like I'm actually starting the weight loss process, and I feel happy about that. Also, I do want this to be a lifestyle change, and I'm doing this for the right reasons. I want to be an overall healthier person AND lose 20 pounds. Feeling better about myself is another reason. I want to feel confident with my body, not ashamed.

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1/5/13 1:16 P

A little bit of all honestly. I hate the winter months.

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1/5/13 12:44 P


I am 27 years old and I too have PCOS. I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I had started gaining weight really fast and went to doctor after doctor before I was finally diagnosed but by then I had put on at least 30lbs! They put me on the pill which slowed/stopped the weight gain and thats how they left me. Self educating is very important with PCOS. Seven years and two kids later I weigh a little more. The last couple of years I have been trying to lose and have been up and down constantly!
I was wondering what the low GI diet is you said you are on? I have tried low carb which helps but what I really need to do is just commit to the lifestyle, I am currently on blood pressure meds and am pre-diabetic! This is no longer a vanity thing I need to do this for my health so any thing that might help would be appreciated!


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1/5/13 11:25 A


I had this happen to me in my 30s. I went off the pill and suddenly noticed my weight go up drastically (like strangely) within 3-6 months I was up 15 lbs!

The doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. It is important you get your health checked if you feel you're gaining weight too quickly and you can't figure it out.
It is a pre-diabetic condition that will eventually lead to diabetes if not caught.

Not everything is as simple as cutting calories. I am now (mostly) on a low GI diet - and it helps a LOT. Even if I do it half the day, it's enough.

I'm not saying you have this, but your weight gain does sound hormonal to me - given the areas you describe. I would see a doctor and rule out PCOS or other hormonal imbalances first.


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1/5/13 10:51 A


You are only 20 and like you noticed your body is changing. Your body is still developing and may for a few more years. Your body is always undergoing changes whether you are 20 or 50, but one thing I caution members is to never all the number on the scale to define who they are. And to look at their weight loss goal and ask, is it realistic for me to weigh what I did years ago when my body was in the early stages of changing and growing?

The number on the scale is just that--a number. It does not tell us how healthy and fit we are, it only tells us how much we weigh. That is why setting goals that are measurable (such as eating 1 fruit/veggie at every meal or walking 10 minutes every day) give us more control than setting the bar too high.

Many people believe weight loss itself is a goal in reality it is a result of us setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals that will help us to achieve the weight loss.

Also know that weight loss and fat loss are not the same. Losing fat can take much longer, however, the benefits of losing the weight slowly trump dropping the weight quickly. The reason, losing the weight slowly allows for you to set into place life-long healthy habits and so that retain as much lean body mass as you can.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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1/5/13 9:56 A

Jennilacey is SO RIGHT!!!

Here's a look at the positives I see from reading your post:

-You are 20 years old, so you are catching this "unhealthy lifestyle" early
-Because you're starting early, you have the potential to get very healthy and keep a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life!!
-It's much easier to lose weight in your 20s, 30 and even 40s, than 50s (where I'm at) and beyond
-Relatively speaking, you have a small amount of weight to lose - there are many on Spark who have 50, 100, 150+ pounds to lose
-You found SparkPeople, a free site that shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to live a healthy lifestyle, so you have ALL of the tools right in your hands, with great support to guide you along the way
-You WANT to lose the weight (although maybe not for the right reasons)

Areas for improvement that I see from your post, with suggestions on how to improve:

-Knowledge - You can't target a certain area for weight loss. It's all about fat coming off your body as it comes off your body, and each body is different. Spark can help you learn all about this
-Mindset/attitude - You cannot get and continue to live a healthy lifestyle if you see yourself as "disgusting". SparkPeople has a lot of great message boards AND/OR teams that can help you change your mindset. Explore the message boards (just like you are now, but more) and especially the teams - there's usually something there for everybody
-Kindness - You wouldn't treat a friend like you're treating yourself (at least I don't think you would look at a friend and call her disgusting); try to learn that own type of kindness for yourself. Trust me, we can be our own worst enemies!!

You are making an excellent start at this. You got on Spark, you posted a message and hopefully, you're getting some good advice from other people who have been in your shoes. Use it and go for it. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!!

Best of luck to you on your journey for a healthy lifestyle. I truly wish I had started my own journey in my 20s ...

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1/5/13 9:45 A


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1/5/13 9:19 A

You can do it! I really like pilates to strengthen my core - have you tried that?

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1/5/13 8:34 A

You can't target fat loss. It comes off all over your body. The good news is, you don't have much to lose.

Follow the spark's program. Start making healthier food choices and staying in your calorie range. Start up an exercise program that consists of both cardio and strength training that you can see yourself sticking to beyond your weight loss. In other words, don't overdo it to the point you'll throw in the towel once you lose the weight. With strength training I would recommend a full body workout 3x a week and every other day. You need a 24-48 hour rest period so your muscles can heal after and build muscle/strength.

I'm also 5'2 and ate terrible in highschool and a lot! But I only weighed 105-110 lbs because I was young and very active. I slowed down in my 20s when I was living on my own and went up to 130 lbs. I ate a lot of fast food and processed junk plus tons of chocolate. I moved back home with my mom in my mid 20's and wasn't even really trying to lose weight but just cutting back on the processed stuff and chocolate and eating more home cooked meals, I lost 20 lbs in a couple months. I got back into bad habits again when I moved in with my now husband and two pregnancies later I was up to the 160s.

So it's great that you want to get a handle on it now. My experienced *been there, done that* advice is to not just treat this as "losing the weight". Treat it as a lifestyle change you can maintain for the rest of your life. If you don't you will find your weight yo-yoing with every life's hurdle. Learn to overcome your bad habits and replace them with positive lifestyle changes. Forget who you were or what you weighed/looked like in highschool and focus on the new you, a mature adult who treats her body with care and pride. This is a new chapter of your life.

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1/5/13 2:29 A

First of all, you've got to cut the negative self talk. You've got to start by actually caring about yourself. You sound like you want to work out because you hate yourself, when you should be wanting to workout because you LOVE yourself.
As for targeting the stomach: Unfortunately, you can't target one specific area. It takes patience, commitment, and above all, work. You can do it but you have to understand that one of the most important steps of beginning this process is to love and accept yourself as you are right now.

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1/5/13 1:39 A

My current weight right now is 130 pounds. I am very upset with that. I have always been a very petite girl, and I am only 5'2'' tall and 20 years old. My metabolism used to be very high, and I could eat whatever I wanted to without worrying about gaining weight. I noticed my body started to change once I was a senior in high school. I gained about 5 pounds my senior year, then gained 15 pounds throughout my 2 and a half years of college. I desperately want to lose 20 pounds and weigh 110 pounds. I would be completely happy with that. Unfortunately, when I gain weight it all goes to my stomach, hips, and upper thighs. My stomach is my biggest concern though...I developed a pretty bad stomach pooch over the past 2 years, and it's embarrassing. I do know how to camouflage it with my clothes, but when I take a shower or a bath I feel fat and disgusting. Can anyone offer any tips for targeting belly fat, and also hip and upper thigh fat? I need all the help I can get...

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