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1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
5/13/13 12:03 P

Give your worries to God, trust Him in all situations and He will lead you in the right direction...and tell your friend that too! This is advise for anyone and everyone!
I have been so down and out that I did not know how I was going to pay my bills...but the money was always there, some how....Trust God, He will not let you down!

BAREFOOTN Posts: 1,001
5/5/13 6:58 A

I love my friends. They are really great people. Here lately it seems they have all found something to worry about. Big topics. My situation is a lot worse than theirs. I am talking financial and future security. I am trying to take things one day at a time and, yet, I am being beaten down with comments and situational what if's from friends that are very anxious about their situations. I am not sure they realize my situation is much more slippery than theirs. I don't want to be unsupportive and blow them off, but neither do I want to listen for long periods of time about their worries of the future as it makes me anxious and makes me want to eat.

I went to work last year and tried to get control of our situation or at least feel like I have some control over my future. They are sitting in neutral asking what steps they should take. I really don't feel I can advise anyone. I just want to keep plugging away and doing the best I can. I am finally after years of trying to take control of my health situation. This is enough to deal with for me at this time. I work a lot and am just getting a decent schedule so I am getting enough sleep for the first time in six months.

As I type this I am realizing how upsetting their conversations are to me. I guess I need to limit the worry time. One time someone told me or I read some where allow only so many minutes of worry time on one thing and move on. Maybe I will do that with our conversations.

If anyone else has any suggestions, please, I need some help dealing with this sense of anxiety and my friends. I know they don't mean to do harm and they are afraid of what the future may bring, however, I am not a magic genie and I am having a hard enough time dealing with the future myself at times. Thank you!!!

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