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2/21/13 11:15 P

just be kind to yourself
honestly 100 lbs down
that's great
don't let the last few get you down
you have done awesome
remind yourself everyday

2/20/13 11:39 P

Yep...My guess is your caloric needs increased when you increased your exercise. As strange as it sounds, you may have to eat MORE to lose weight!

Grats on the 100lbs, by the way! That's amazing!

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2/20/13 10:00 P

Have you updated your fitness goals with your new exercise?

You've added more burn, but you haven't changed our intake; the more you burn, the more you need to eat to support that activity.

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2/20/13 9:51 P

Do you have an accurate way to track your caloric burn each week? I got a (chest strap) heart rate monitor and it helps track that more accurately- that way I can get a more accurate estimate- it helps me get the right balance of intake/burning.

Like someone else posted I recommend changing your nutrient profile- increasing your protein may help. Calorie cycling may help as well- eat above your range, at the low end of your range, in the middle of your range, etc. The average intake should still be within your range. Sometimes that can help jump start things again!

Also, congrats on your amazing progress!

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2/20/13 11:37 A

I would try eating towards the top of your calorie limit. I did the same thing a few months back & found that I was not eating enough. If you are working out that often, your body may be trying to go into "starvation" mode. Once I adjusted my calories, I started seeing the scale move again.

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2/20/13 11:34 A

You can try to up your protein and also change up your exercises a little. If you're not doing intervals try them, possibly up the weight you are lifting, or whatever else to shake it up a little. You may need to look at your calorie range and goal too since you have lost so much.

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2/20/13 10:51 A

So in the last 3-4 months, I've been hovering around the same 5 pounds. I basically hit a weight loss wall right after losing 100 pounds (over about the last year and a half) and have been stuck ever since. I'm literally 12 pounds away from Onederland and yet it seems so far.

I'm still eating on the same range (1200-1550ish), and have always tried to stick to the lower end of it, but have tried to be a bit more flexible as I've added in some more consistent exercise.

Ironically, the plateau has coincided with when I joined a gym. I go 4x a week (at least 35 min cardio [eliptical/attempting running lol] to 60/75 mins (on the weekends when I have more time]). I also do strength training 3x a week- admittedly a bit haphazardly because I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing, but basically I'll pick either legs, arms, etc and do 4-5 machines (usually 3 sets of 10ish reps- depending on the weight/machine). Basically making it up as I go along- but not really confident enough to try dumbells or anything more adventurous than the machines yet.

While I know weight loss slows down, this seems a bit much. I know this was a bit of detailed rambling, but any thoughts/ suggestions?

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