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10/24/13 8:02 P

I get tired right after eating lunch and sometimes take a nap. The Spanish have a name for this phenomenon: siesta.

Personally, I find that a little caffeine helps keep me on the move. I might have a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea (no sugar) right after I eat.

PATTIEMCD Posts: 1,107
10/24/13 3:22 P

So glad I found this Board !

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3/22/13 5:52 P

It sounds to me like you could definitely do with a personal Dietitian. Your Dr will be able to refer you to one. He/she will be able to ensure that you get the nutrition you need, taking into account your likes/dislikes. If you go, then take some printouts from your SP Nutrition Tracker to help her. I can tell from experience, it saves TONS of time and gets better results more quickly :-)

No the query re prior to SP not eating before dinner - was there a particular reason for this? I am thinking along one of a couple lines;

1. Some form of Disordered Eating (we can suffer from this and not realize it)

2. Loss of ability to recognize hunger. Lack of nutrition can definitely do this, as can various medical conditions and depression, as well as certain medications. It is important that you talk with your Dr and see if there is anything going on in those departments. Bloods could indicate Diabetes and/or hypothyroidism, along with other things, like iron level, etc., and if you have any mood/anxiety issue, it would be very beneficial to talk with him/her about this, because if so, it is possible that a Therapist can help you sort that out, which could have a positive roll-on effect with your eating.

Good luck,

KYDD4EVER Posts: 9
3/22/13 1:24 P

Thanks so much for your input. I think you are spot a matter of fact you sound like you know me! I am working on eating more often. Actually had breakfast 3 days in a row,
but I have a hard time with lunch. I am working on it though.

KYDD4EVER Posts: 9
3/22/13 1:17 P

Hi Becky ,
For the best part of my 62 yrs I have not eaten all day till dinner time, then before I would go to bed I would have a large, unhealthy snack to help me sleep. My husband and I eat out often and mostly at buffets. I can't eat raw fruits and veg unless its something soft and I never have been crazy about either. These are just a few of my VERY BAD habits! Since I have been trying to lose I have been trying to eat during the day, I've been eating a BUNCH of cabbage soup that I make with low sodium, low fat chicken broth, onions, celery, carrots, cabbage and low sodium tom juice....and have GAINED 1.5/lbs in the last week! I'm truly discouraged and stressed out from trying to figure out what to eat. I am trying to use the meal planner because that has all the nutrient info, but to be honest, I don't like most of the foods listed (even substitutes) and some of them I don't even know what it is! I am inactive so I need to get into exercising. As far as the sodium, I was shocked to note the sodium content in cottage cheese (one of my favorite foods) and canned veg! That's what threw me over yesterday, I think.
I am telling you all of this because I am extremely frustrated. I need to lose some weight fast but I don't know what to do or how to do it. Maybe I need a personal dietitian????
Please direct me in the best route to take here. My husband is wanting me to join Weightwatchers.

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
3/21/13 9:53 P

If you're not eating enough your blood sugar gets too low and will mess up your cortisol levels to give you enough oomph to get though your day. During the night your sleep will be disrupted because the cortisol is spiraling up and down at the wrong times. If you keep your blood sugar levels even you'll sleep better too.

3/21/13 8:06 P

Hey Pat--
I did take a quick look at your food tracker. Two days doesn't give much detail to go on, but:
1. do aim for at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily.
2. why so low on calories??? Looks like you are in the mid-900 on both days. I imagine your SP calorie range for weight loss is 1200-1550.
3. When you look at your tracker---what foods are adding the most sodium. Is it the jarred tomato sauce? Cheese? Something else?

SP Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

KYDD4EVER Posts: 9
3/21/13 6:55 P

I think you can view my nutrition tracker now. This is only my 2nd day so I don't really know what I'm doing, yet. I see my sodium is high and I can't understand how that can be. Can you look at my tracker and see what you think.
Thank you, Pat

3/21/13 1:11 P

Maybe it is not the how much or the how little.
Maybe it is the quality of the food and the blend of carbs, fat and protein.

If you make your nutrition tracker public, we maybe able to give more helpful suggestions. Let me know if you need the steps to do this
Dietitian Becky

KYDD4EVER Posts: 9
3/21/13 8:13 A

I am brand new to all of this but I did want to tell you that I always get tired after eating also. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, how much or how little. For Example, I just had half of a banana and I am already getting sleepy! Wish I had had that banana at 4:00 am when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep this morning!

Now my question to SP members is "Does anybody follow the "planned meals"?

MATREXX Posts: 579
3/20/13 11:43 A

Personally I get tired after a carb-heavy meal. Not sure what you had on your salad but as Dietician Becky said make sure you have all the healthy stuff in the salad - not just low calorie as the tiredness could definitely be from low blood sugar.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,252
3/20/13 11:20 A

Eggs and blueberries, strawberries and avocados, apples, almonds are all energy boosters. Add those to your salad and see if there is a difference in your energy.

Try green peppers, red peppers,try flaxseeds which have important proteins, and has an energy time released affect.

Oatmeal, the old fashioned type provides energy because of the B vitamins.

Protein rich foods contain the amino acid, tyrosine, which perks up the brain and drinking ice cold water drive away the feeling of sleepiness. Dehydration can also cause tiredness so drink up! If you dont drink enough water it forces your cells to borrow water from your you may be suffering from cumulative dehydration/fatigue.

Eat an orange...get theat viatmin C. Eat an apple for energy....they fight fatigue. Sugar also causes fatigue..say goodbye to sugary foods

Some people who are low in magnesium. get tired easily. Try adding lima beans, kidney beans, broccoli, spinach and nuts, including almonds, cashews and hazel nuts and brazil nuts to your diet

Diabetics also get tired after eating...Have you been tested. Maybe it's time to see a doctor and get a complete lipid profile including a magnesium and Vitamin B test and an A1C to test your sugar.

TIME2BLOOM4ME SparkPoints: (0)
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3/20/13 10:12 A

Food sensitivities, allergies, MSG, food preservatives make me feel sleepy. You can figure it out yourself by eliminating all processed food. When you eat pure food, not processed the symptoms go away. Add back in the processed foods and bingo they come back.

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3/18/13 9:25 P

I get tired after I eat sometimes and going walking helps me.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,873)
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3/18/13 4:34 P

Apart from what Dietitian Becky has mentioned, is your lunch typical of the rest of your meals/snacks? If so, you are more than likely not get enough calories into your day which will impact on tiredness (and possibly mental functioning, too), as well as a number of other issues involving your skin and other organs, and your bones. Make sure that you stay within the range SP provides, and if you get exercise in, then you will need to eat higher than the minimum calories suggested.


3/18/13 3:50 P

While a salad is a healthy food, it is not a balanced meal. Did it contain about 3 ounces of meat, cheese, egg, protein? You could have added some whole grain crackers or some fruit or a glass of milk.

SP Dietitian Becky

QUEETAH12 Posts: 9
3/18/13 3:34 P

So I realized that sometimes after I get done eating, that I always feel sleepy afterwards. Does this happen to you and if so, how do you deal with it?

Oh...and meal was healthy. All I had today was a salad and water and in about 10 minutes or so, I was sleepy again. Is it because of the food I eat, low iron, need more vitamins, or what??

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