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12/11/12 8:01 A

What is your fitness history?

If you are pushing yourself too often without enough recovery periods in between, it is only natural that you feel exhausted. Exercise is invigorating only when done at a lower intensity than the max. intensity that can be handled.

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12/11/12 6:54 A

If you recently started exercising again, 45-60 minutes of activity is a lot and could easily be contributing to your fatigue. I'd recommend starting with 30 minutes or so (which could include both cardio and strength training), 4 days a week and see how that feels. Also make sure you're tracking your food regularly. If you're falling short on your calorie goals or any specific nutrients (like iron), that can also be a factor in how you're feeling.

If none of that seems to be helping and the sleepiness continues, I'd recommend talking to your doctor about it.

Hope that helps,

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12/11/12 12:26 A

I have always been a fatigue person. I recently tried uping my magnesium (Dr. Oz told me to) and it didn't do much. Now I am just hoping regular exercise will give me the boost I need. I am overly exhausted after exercise.

I put my tredmill on the calorie goal for burning 200 calories..insert my age and weight...walk about 3.0 mph doing the cross country setting (inclines will go up and down like I'm walking hills) usually takes me about 45 minutes to reach my goal. Then I use the last 15 minutes to do strength on the circut to feel like I accomplished an hour at the gym.

Then I go home and nap. Should this worry me that I am getting so worn out? I am naturally always tired though. :-/

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