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6/10/13 9:18 A

Thanks everyone, today's been better. I have a day like that every so often (last one was right before Christmas), so not too often. I have a tendency to be depressed rather than anxious.

Oddly enough, I am a mental health provider and I prescribe meds for other people (a blessing and at times a curse). My symptoms have never been bad enough to pursue meds, and honestly, I think I was angry about something and didn't know how to express myself or even exactly why I was mad (I do now, and know what I need to do to deal with it). Those days are awful though. Glad it's over, and hope it doesn't happen again for a while.

I've tried some yoga tapes, and honestly, there's not a class around where I live (I've looked), and the tape wasn't that enjoyable, so I kind of hung up on that for now.

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6/10/13 5:31 A


I hope you're feeling better this morning. We all have bad days. It happens. Whenever I'm feeling out of sorts, I like hitting the gym for a good workout. I find it helpful to "sweat" out my frustrations. I also like taking a walk. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too.

Do you do yoga ? I also find yoga really helpful to calm my nerves whenever I'm stressed out.

And well, there are just days when we feel miserable. Hopefully, a good night sleep helps to change your mood.

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6/10/13 4:06 A

I hope that for you, tomorrow is better, too!

You mention having cyclic depression - do you have treatment of any sort when the depression hits? If not, then perhaps it would be in your best interests to talk with your Dr about this and seek the services of a Therapist if need be, and consider medication. If you ARE on meds, then do you need a review at those times?

Good luck with feeling less crummy!


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6/9/13 6:19 P

It can be verrryy verrry difficult to want to do anything, or get out of bed sometimes. Especially when you feel stop the world i want to get off. Maybe just take this day and evening to treat yourself. Listen to some music in a dark room, Have a warm bath.
Im rootin for you

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6/9/13 4:34 P

Today, I am having a day where everything makes me mad, and I appear to be ruminating about stuff that yes, is irritating, but should not be making me cry off and on all day. I've been starting into this slump for the past week or so (I have a cyclic depression that hits me, that I've come to accept as a part of my life). The food part is ok. I have no motivation to do much of ANYTHING. HELP! I just hope tomorrow is better.

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