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2/23/14 9:08 P

Ok so now that I read your post a little bit more here might be some advice.

1. You said that you always get sick afterwards and this isn't something new.
2. You didn't say what you were eating beforehand but it does make a difference and it's an experiment and it's all trial and error.

Here is my guess now. I can't eat much food when I'm climbing. So maybe try eating a lot earlier before your ride and see if that works or eat something that digests faster/easier.

Good luck

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2/23/14 9:00 P

Everyone has had some great advice so far. The only thing that I wanted to add is that I have always had issues with nausea when working out if I eat too soon before exercise. Maybe try moving your pre-ride snack back a little to 2 hours before? The other question I would have is what kind of food are you eating? 200-300 calories may not be a bad amount, but it could be that they are the wrong kind of calories. Just a little 'food for thought'.

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2/23/14 8:44 P

I cycle a lot and know that all your blood flow goes to your working muscles while riding. This explains you getting red in the face. On a very long ride for me say a 100 mile ride(mid season after I get in shape) I feel light headed afterwards because there isn't enough blood flow going to your head or brain. Because of this a do a cool down right after the ride and try and get some recovery fluids in me right away.

What I would suggest is a cool down ride towards the end or a slower ride of the pace you are riding right before you get off the bike. You probably should be making sure you get lots of fluids in you while you are riding.

Good luck

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2/22/14 11:55 P

You may have a blood sugar issue. Definitely slow down until you can have your dr check you out. Make sure you replenish your carbs after your workout. A banana would do the trick, if you can make it a balanced snack, even better. Generally it's recommended that you eat at the latest 30 min after exercising.

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2/21/14 1:33 P

Thank you ladies! I think I will try to slow it down tomorrow and see what happens.

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2/21/14 1:19 P

The previous poster has given you some great advice. Try starting with a shorter workout and/or different activity (like maybe walking?) and see if you feel the same way afterward. I agree that you might just be doing too much, too soon.

Coach Jen

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2/21/14 11:24 A

It sounds like you are maybe doing a bit much, too soon. Try dialing it back a notch, either speed, duration, distance or all of the above. That may help. Scheduling an appointment is a great idea!

You also may want to take rest days while you're adapting to new levels of exercise. Every day may be too much until you've gotten used to working out again.

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2/21/14 9:47 A

I just started to exercise again this week. I have been taking a 20-25 minute bike ride daily (my neighborhood is a bit hilly). When I am done riding I feel very fatigued and a little bit nauseous. I also get very red in the face (I have pretty pale skin). I am eating about 200-300 calories about an hour before I go out and drinking plenty of water. This is not something new that has been happening. Anytime I have ever exercised this has happened.

Any insight as to what may be the culprit? I made an appointment with my doctor, but he can't seem me for a few weeks since it's not an emergency. I do not want to stop exercising because I am really trying to get healthy.

I am a 28-year-old female that is 5'5" and 155 lbs. I have no medical issues that I am aware of.

I appreciate your insight.

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