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9/3/13 10:43 P

Thanks for the advice and words of encouragement.
It makes me feel really good I'm not in this alone.

I did see the Dr. He said to ice and take it easy for a while and continue to use my brace. I'm going to talk to my trainer and tell him I need to be doing something else. If he can't help me I will just work on my own. The only reason I got a trainer was for support, motivation, and ideas of safe exercises.
I have been in physical therapy 3 times for my ankle. One set of 6 week sessions before my surgery and then two sets after. My Dr also recommended today I start doing the band exercises for my ankle that they taught me in PT again.

So today I have been icing and resting.
I can tell a difference from yesterday. My thighs and ankle are still sore and I'm still a bit wobbly but I think by tomorrow I can at least go walk on the treadmill for a while and do some upper body strength training.

Have a good night

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
9/3/13 7:20 P

Oh wow there is NOTHING in this post to indicate that you're a failure! I see someone that is working hard and is taking the required steps to get your health in order. You can't fail while you're still trying!

When I first started, I was 200 lbs and wasn't able to 24 minutes of cardio - I started with 5 whole minutes. You should be proud that you're doing 3 different kinds and for 24 minutes! Even now, I tend to only do 30 or so, so there's absolutely nothing wrong or unimpressive with what you're doing!

I agree that this trainer may not be right for you. Lunges can be very powerful exercises but they can also be very difficult and even painful for those that have issues in their joints below the waist. Don't feel bad that you couldn't do one - there are other exercises. But first, get checked by your doctor. Pain is your body's way of saying "something is wrong!", and the last thing you want is your ankle to get worse.

So to reiterate, you're not a failure, you should get a different personal trainer that can better care for your current ankle issues, and get that ankle checked! And I think you're awesome. :)

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
9/3/13 9:49 A

First, stay off your ankle until you can get it looked at again. If you exercise on it, you risk damaging it permanently which could compromise your ability to walk in the future.

I second the recommendation to get some physical therapy focused on your ankle, so that you can learn about how to strengthen the area without harming it.

The specific exercises he instructed you in are actually generally suitable for most beginners, but may not be suitable for you, which is perfectly fine and does NOT represent some kind of failure on your part. It's completely ordinary to start with modified versions of these exercises, with no weights, until you get stronger and your balance gets better. It's also totally normal for one side of your body to be weaker than the other at first. So don't feel like a failure on that account. You're not!

Actually, I am kind of angry at the trainer on your behalf. You TOLD him about your previous injury, and he should have taken that into account. Lunges are really hard in the beginning and are not good at all for people with balance issues. I have to do them with a chair or other stable object nearby so I can keep myself from falling over. He should have observed your difficulty and given you a way to handle it, not made you do them in a way which caused you to re-injure your ankle.

It's hard not to be discouraged when you are in pain, but go get that ankle checked out!

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,792
9/2/13 6:31 P

Congrats on getting started at the gym! It can be so intimidating to get going- so way to go! Honestly I don't really think that trainer is a good match for you- you need someone who will push you, but safely. Can you see if you can find a trainer who specializes in super slow training? The one I go to has med-x machines, which are designed to help recover from injuries, etc. and are amazing. Also, if you haven't had the chance to go to a physical therapist, it might be a good idea to ask your doctor about it (insurance should cover a certain number of visits). They can help you with your ankle- strengthening and range of motion.

Your cardio plan sounds great to get started! I personally wear (and LOVE) a heart rate monitor, which I do recommend if you're into numbers at all :) I think you should certainly keep up your cardio and work on increasing as you get more comfortable. I would recommend finding a trainer you like to show you a full strength routine that you can do on your own for the next few months (write it down)- you'll just have to increase the weight periodically, and then if you want to, you can meet with the trainer again in a few months to change things up.

It is important to challenge your body but not to push too hard either- that's how you get injuries! I have had various aches and pains that have been resolving mostly on their own- really bad metatarsalgia pain when i increased my 'running' on the elliptical- time and shoe inserts have made it pretty much disappear!

And of course, getting doctor clearance is never a bad idea- and maybe s/he will have some good trainers they can recommend (or your PT might if you go that route!).

Keep it up- you've started something amazing!

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9/2/13 5:15 P


First, you are NOT a are taking steps you need for a healthier lifestyle. That is the opposite of failing. I would speak with your doctor first, find out what is safe for you and what isn't. Start small and build up to more challenging fitness tasks.
You are the only person who knows what your body can handle...listen to it on your healthy journey. One choice, one day at a time.

Be well,

ICANDOTHIS87 SparkPoints: (1,270)
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9/2/13 3:37 P

1st I'm going to say I just started going to the gym on Friday. I have been every day since. Felt good about it. I am very large (345lbs) So I know its going to take me a while to build up. I have been doing 13 minutes on the treadmill on fat burn program, 7 minutes on recumbent bike doing the rolling hills program (get very bad arch pain), and 4 minutes on the elliptical. I know its not much but I'm trying.
I also was doing the chest press machine, inner and outer thigh machines, and the one that you lift the weight with your legs.

I had my assessment with the trainer today. When I signed up they said they offer a free assessment. It was informational. I found out a few things about food and how eating 5-6 smaller meals can help keep my metabolism up. He also weighed and measured me. He then asked me about motivation and limitations. I explained I had broke my ankle in a car accident in 2011. I wanted to do things to help strengthen but not hurt it.

So then he had me lunges while holding 5lb weights in each hand. He said let your knee touch the floor and then lift up. I did it with my good leg but when I switched I started wobbling and couldn't get up. I tried a few more times and then we moved on to a weight bench.
He told me to put my foot on the bench and step up, then down, then up... I was able to do that but was very hard. The bench was about 1.5 ft high.
Then he had me do squats with the bar.
Next was crunches with a 10lb medicine ball and balancing seated torso twists with the medicine ball.
He then said lets do it again.

I went to do the lunges and my legs couldn't even lift me. I tried again and fell. We went to the bench. I went up once fine but when I came down from the second one my ankle cracked and gave out. It hurt so bad. So he said lets just do the crunches and torso twists.

I feel like a complete failure. I walked out of there and my legs were so wobbly I was afraid I was going to fall.

I know exercise is going to make me sore and that is good but I can hardly stand up from a sitting position now.

Are these the exercises I should really be doing when just beginning?

Thanks for listening :)

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