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11/30/11 6:30 P

You guys are the best and your right, I just get so frustrated at times and I want to look good for my fiance even when he tells me I do, I try and imagine hes lieing but I know he thinks I do.
Thankyou for the motivating quotes I'm going to keep going and will have a better attitude about it because your right its not about the scale, and I know im a good person inside.

I need to stop putting soem much emphasize on weight loss and accept myself for who I am no matter what weight im at because the only person who is going to lose the weight for me is me, so better start loving and encouraging that person. :) Thanks again guys

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11/30/11 4:31 P

I was struck by the Yes, Yes, and yes part of your statement. Yes doesn't always mean that what we are doing is right.

Are you tracking your nutrition and fitness here on SP? Could be that you're not eating enough for the amount you workout - that causes your metabolism to slow down. Could be that you aren't measuring so you're really eating more than you think. It's really easy to underestimate what you are really eating. Are you repeatedly doing the same workout for months at a time? Your body adjusts so you need to vary the workouts.

If you track your food on SP you can post on the Diet & Nutrition board - that one is staffed with professionals who can review your meal plan and make recommendations for you.

The other thing that struck me is the concept of giving up when you are so you. The only way to truly be successful for the course of your life is to make this a lifestyle - that means day in and day out for the rest of your life. Giving up should never be an option for any of us, and don't give the scale that much power in your life.

Judge by how your clothes fit, whether or not you can do more physically than you could last month, or last year, what your doctor says about your bloodwork, etc. There are many things that are more important than a number on the scale.

Hang in there and step back and evaluate so you can see where improvements can be made. You can do this!

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11/30/11 3:58 P


we are our own worst critics. Flaws we see in ourselves, no one else sees. Because you're already at a very healthy weight for your height, you're going to find that trying to lose any extra is going to be difficult. Ask any member with the last 5-10 pounds to lose how long it took. Most will tell you, it took months and in some cases years.

You can't assume that you must be doing something wrong because the weight isn't coming off. Once again, because you are already at a healthy weight for your height, you really don't have a lot to lose. So, it's going to take longer to get off any of that excess.

Also, just because you can't see a change doesn't mean you aren't making a change. How's your blood pressure ? How's your cholesterol ? How's your blood sugar ? You may not be worried about these things because you're still young. But as we age, they become extremely important. If your blood pressure has decreased since you started your healthy lifestyle, that just prolonged your life and reduced your risk for heart disease. Lowering your blood sugar reduces your risk for diabetes.

Do you think that reducing your risk for heart disease or diabetes is important ? I sure do. So, don't assume you're not making any changes. there are changes happening to your body that you can't see.

Also, you're still growing ! Even though you're close to 21, you're technically still considered an adolescent. So, your body is still under going some changes and yes, those changes might mean you won't weigh the same as you did in high school. That's not a bad thing. Our bodies do change as we age.

What to do ? Don't worry and remember this, do NOT let a number between your toes determine your self worth !! There is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

Think of all things that have improved in your life since you decided to live a healthier lifestyle... you've decreased your risk for heart disease and diabetes. You have more endurance, more stamina, more strength. You're probably sleeping better. I'll bet you can do more push ups now than you could two years ago. Those are the changes you should be proud of.

You're really doing just fine !!! Like I said,"don't let the scale determine your self worth as a person".

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11/30/11 3:55 P

Discouragement is a kind of poison, it seems to me, seeping through your mind and sapping your strength. I gotta say it sounds like you are struggling with fear and self-confidence issues more than the technical food-exercise issues of a diet. I could suggest you read some of the really motivating blogs and stories - folks who had to lose a LOT, folks who were stuck on a plateau, folks who had physical obstacles.... that works for me to get past feeling like I can never pull this off. In other words, for me it is 99.9% attitude - a boost of hope, being glad I don't have their struggles, being grateful I have lost as much as I have and my lipid panel numbers are 'way better (!!!) - I treasure all that, especially when the scale gets stuck for a while. I measure progress by how my clothes fit for a while! I have more than 40 pounds to go and this is my upteenth try at doing it. YOU can DO this! Hang in there!

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11/30/11 2:36 P

Don't give up! One thing I have found lately is that when I vary my calorie intake day to day, I actually lose weight. It's gotten me off a plateau! Try it and see if it works. In fact, this weekend I ate nearly 2000 calories on Saturday and on Sunday, then cut back to 1200 and 1300 the last two days. I weighed 3 pounds less this morning than I did a week ago! When this concept was first mentioned to me, I had a hard time allowing myself to eat more; but it's worked!

Keep up the good fight! You can do it!

11/30/11 1:53 P

Today has been a bad day an it really made me reflect on my life in the fact that I've been on diet for 2 years now im turning 21 this monday and im still not there, I feel like giving up and dont start by telling me are you watching your calories? are you excercising? YES YES and YES, ive been doing all of these things and still I feel like a fat cow, I watch my calories I eat around 1300-1500 I get 3 days of cardio 2 of Strength training and its not working,

I feel miserableI just want to get there for once, me and my fiance have been together for two years now and im constantly struggling, I only have about 15 pounds to lose and it just wont come off.

I havent weighed myself in 7 months because im tired of not seeing results and being like What do I do?? Im a scaleaholic and I just feel miserable and thinking to myself maybe I will get a scale so I can see a bit of progress because when I look in the mirror I dont see any.

So yes my ticker says 4 pounds because I have been on diet for this site for a few weeks and when im really good on diet I like to think I lost 2 pounds each week as a motivator. I mean I do excercise I hate like the elliptical and I see no progress, maybe I should start walking I dont know feel free to give me some support or just scroll through this and help others

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