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1/5/13 6:48 P

I have the same problem with my two boys. My nephew is a stick but out eats all of us. When he first came to live with us he used to eat tons of chips and garbage food and he wasn't active. He was actually obese. In the last year in half I cut out most of the garbage and he plays school sports. He has a hard time keeping the weight on. He has gotten so skinny. My son has my genes and is on the heavier side. While he isn't crazy about healthy food he doesn't over eat and even limits the amount of food he eats.

The boys get 2/% milk, I get skim
The boys get some snacky type crackers and stuff in their lunch, 2 sandwhiches, carrots and a fruit. I get a salad, with a lean meat, a little shredded cheese, and fat free dressing.
The boys come home and I will have a high carb meal (spaghetti, or something with rice or potatoes) I usually have a high protein meal. They do chores, school work and then head back to practice.
They boys get a second dinner, a smaller one. Bigger than a snack, but smaller than a meal when they get back from practice.

I know I don't burn calories like a teenage boy. So I eat differently.

Kim G

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11/2/12 7:18 A

Thanks guys! All good tips that I will try.

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10/31/12 11:21 P

I have two little boys who can out eat me. I often add the yolks from my egg whites to their scrammbled eggs and with top their french toast with peanut butter and raisins while I have lite heart smart butter and a tap of sugar and cinnamon. I also like to use full dressings for them and lite vingrettes for me. I will use full fat cheese and sour cream and go lite for me. They are always going to need more calories than me but I try to make sure that they are not empty calories. I also let them go for seconds while I will carefully maintain my calorie goals. It was also a long battle to teach myself not to finish their plates. :( Not a good idea when losing weight they are a lot better at stopping when done than I am. Love my boys and I want to see them tall dark and hansome down the road. I do not want to see my waist growing with them.

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it isn't easy. : ) I have a thin 11 year old boy who eats non stop. ( We tried to have him gain a few pounds this summer before football started.) I didn't want to get rid of all snacks and full fat foods.

My son and I have different calorie needs, so I try not to treat us the same. I sometimes buy different food for me (low fat icecream, dressing,) than I do for my son. There is frosted flakes and lucky charms in the cupboard right now. That is for my husband and son. The oatmeal is for me.

I try to lighten up my meal but not cut calories in my son's meal. For example, if you make tacos, he can have regular sour cream, cheese, shells. You can make yours lighter by making it a taco salad with lots of lettuce and not much cheese. Bake potato bar and individual pizzas also lets you customize for your needs.

I will make garlic bread with dinner and will have none (or 1/2 slice) while my son has 2 or 3. I try to have my meals consist of more fruits and veggies. I often have a salad with dinner, even if my son is not.

good luck!

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10/31/12 5:46 A

I'm having trouble trying to maintain a healthy, low fat, low calorie diet for myself and my husband, while still getting enough calories into my growing, tall, thin, teenagers. He is always hungry, is very active, needs lots of calories to maintain his energy and growth. How do I balance the two? Thanks!

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