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Feedback wanted on current workout plan! :D

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Posts: 177
6/26/13 6:49 P

Sounds awesome!! Sadly, I don't have a rowing machine, but on the bright side, I am near a lake and my Uncle does own a kayak....hmmm :). That would be a really fun summer workout. Thanks for the tip!

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6/25/13 5:53 P

You mentioned flexibility and endurance...what about rowing? You can use a rowing machine for 20 to 25 minutes 2 to 3x/week and get a great workout. I've been doing that for the last 6 months and earlier this month realized that my shoulders feel stronger. I mean, I poke at my shoulders (the outer part of my arm between the biceps and triceps) and it's hard. I like to incorporate a walk (either by a slow and steady pace of 3.5 for 35 to 40 minutes or intervals for 25 to 35 minutes) with rowing. Sometimes I'll use the elliptical or treadmill. Either way, I feel great after using the rowing machine.

Posts: 177
6/25/13 3:24 P

Agreed and thank you!

My final point is...THIS ISN"T ABOUT LOOKS!! Lol. Thank you, and not to be rude, but I don't really care if someone considers my looks to be "ok" or otherwise. I have my own fitness goals that don't have anything to do with looks. :)

Thanks everybody!

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6/25/13 5:55 A

Ultimately the thing is that everyone's body responds differently AND it will respond differently depending on what stage you are at. By comparison losing weight is quite straightforward (just maintain a calorie deficit). Even this simple plan tends to be compromised as you approach normal weight. I think everyone knows that the "last ten pound sis hardest to lose".

What ever plan you follow make sure it is consistent and maintained over at least three months. and that you are measuring something (e.g bodyfat, arm circumference) to monitor progress - weight won't be of any use to you.

Very very importantly make sure your programe is sustainable, enjoyable and results in both enhanced physical and mental health. There is no point in doing it otherwise!

The plan I put forward is an ok starting point. In truth as you progress the plans tends to change - it's important toi take control of you plan and understand your body - but geeze it is hard work...

Bottom line as ever-- YOU LOOK OK!!

Posts: 177
6/24/13 10:05 A

@ Motivated at Last

Thanks, that seems like good advice :D

Posts: 13,906
6/24/13 4:54 A

So this seems to follow most of the principles of a good exercise program:
* at least 3 cardio sessions
* 2-3 ST session, seperated by 48-72 hours
* rest day once a week
* cross training with several different types of exercise.

I disagree with some aspects of Bob's advice.

Firstly, on protein intake. The general recommendation for athletes in heavy training is 1.0 - 1.4 grams of protein per KILOGRAM not per pound. Bob's recommendation overstates your needs by nearly double. The body can really only make use of about 20 grams at any one time (probably slightly less for a smaller person such as yourself) - the rest gets burned for energy or converted to fat.

Secondly, the suggestion to drop cardio completely is just ridiculous. While it is true that very long cardio sessions can be muscle wasting, this doesn't mean dropping cardio completely is a good idea. While this may be what body-builders do, basically all they are focussed on is appearance. For anyone who is focussed on more general health and fitness, cardio should be part of the overall equation.

If you are aiming to add lean mass, I'd keep the cardio to 20-30 minutes per workout. Focussing on intensity rather than duration can help get the most out of your workout.

And with strength training, go heavy. You should be aiming to fatigue your muscles in 12 reps or less each set. A weight/bodyweight exercise that fatigues your muscles in 4-6 reps is actually more effective strength training than one that takes 12 reps. It's all about quality, not quantity.


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Posts: 177
6/23/13 10:04 P

My health issues are not related to diet. I was born with a heart defect and a significant leg difference.

:) But I do try to eat healthy!

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Posts: 65
6/23/13 7:19 P

If you have health issues maybe you should look more at your food choices rather than your exercise routine. You are as well as you eat. :)

Posts: 177
6/23/13 7:12 P

Thanks for the feedback, Bob. I have to say, though, I'm not sure personal experience has proven your advice 100% true. Now again, I'm sure you are well researched, and I am not, but within the confines of my own journey, I have lost weight, ate at a deficit, and "toned up". My muscles are firmer, and in some ways, bigger. This is not a trick of the imagination, but well observed and recorded. During which time I did a modified version of my current plan, but ate less.

Do other people have some feedback, answers on this issue?

Also my goals aren't simply to tone but to increase endurance and flexibility. I do enjoy cardio, but i am not a cardio junkie by any means. It's more of a way to improve my heart health and so forth. I have to believe that one can participate in cardio and simultaneously tone up. Won't walking alone tone your legs? I'm not talking about massive muscle gain, and I realize that losing weight also means losing muscle UNESS you strength train. Right? Am I crazy?

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Posts: 300
6/23/13 1:37 P

Great info.

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Posts: 350
6/23/13 1:31 P

not with standing the fact that you look ok and my guess is you enjoy cardio. In order to "tone" up it's known what to do:

1] compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, presses - not much more ) with increasing weight. You should exhaust at ten reps. In the following session up the weight a little. At the heavier weight..

2] Eat 200 calorie above maintenance for about 10 weeks. Eat at least 1g per pound body weight of protein. Actually this is hard

3] Stop all cardio. Keep yoga going and splash about a bit - you enjoy it:)

After ten weeks. Reduce your calories to 100 below maintenance. (add cardio) but keep lifting. Lose the four/five pounds you have put on but lose it slowly ( 0.5 pounds a week)

If you keep cycling this then your bodyfat will drop and you will lean out. BUT it's a lot of work and you look ok anyway!!!!

The hardest part is the eating. If you have lost weight deliberately it is so so hard to put weight/muscle on without feeling that you are somehow being naughty!

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Posts: 177
6/22/13 5:10 P

Thanks everyone for the feedback!


When I swim, I'm not pushing myself to the max, I'm mostly playing around and stretching.

To the part 2; in short, yes. Those pics of me are fairly old...I've dropped 10-15 pounds since then. I'm also covered! Lol

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Posts: 350
6/22/13 4:14 P

+ Swimming for around 30 minutes to an hour, not really that aerobic more as a way to stretch cool down, tone a bit, after the jog.

Interesting comment. assuming your doing lengths then you seem to b e quite fit.

What do you mean by tone up? You look ok. Do you really want to put on more muscle and reduce body fat?

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Posts: 1,048
6/22/13 8:47 A

Sounds awesome! I love being able to shake up my workouts instead of always doing 1 form of cardio and then ST.

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6/22/13 6:57 A

Sounds like you have a well rounded plan. it's good to mix it up. and have both cardio along with strength training.

Posts: 347
6/21/13 11:20 P

I think that's a great workout plan. You're balancing cardio with strength training and I believe you'll be happy with your results as long as you're also eating well.

I recommend that you give this routine 8 weeks and tehn reasses. Your body will likely get used to the routine by then. Perhaps you'll want to run longer or not run at all. Perhaps you'll want to invest in a bike or other form of equipment. And as you get stronger you'll want to challenge your muscles more. But this is a great way to start.

Posts: 142
6/21/13 9:10 P

It sounds like a great plan, but don't over-do it. If you're body starts complaining that you're doing too much, you need to listen. There is nothing wrong with doing everything from home instead of the gym. TBH, if I had the equipment, I'd do everything from home too. :)

Posts: 177
6/21/13 5:17 P

Hey guys! I still consider myself to be a newbie and would love some feedback.

My current workout plan is:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
"Jogging" ( a combo of walking and running and jogging up and down my moderately steep and long driveway) for about a mile and a half. This usually takes me around 20 minutes.

+ Swimming for around 30 minutes to an hour, not really that aerobic more as a way to stretch cool down, tone a bit, after the jog.

If it's a bad day out, I'll do an aerobic interval workout video, usually around 45 minutes.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Strength Training Video, with body weight exercises and actual (fairly light) weights. Around 30 minutes. Still challenges my muscles to exhaustion.

+ Yoga, 20 minutes to an hour.

Break day.

I'm not the most fit person around, and I have a few health issues, but I feel awesome as of late. I'm around 95 lbs and 4'10 and feel good about my current weight. I eat a balanced diet.

My goals are to: Tone up, gain more flexibility, and increase my endurance.

Will my current plan achieve this? Should something be tweaked, in your opinion? Time wise, intensity wise, so forth?

(I can't go to the gym, people freak me out.Pretty much all exercise has to be from home. I have a pool, a driveway, and internet, a yoga mat, and a set of light weights)

Thanks so much to anyone who bothered to read this. Lol. And even more thanks to the peeps who reply!

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