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12/8/13 12:17 P

Sometimes it takes a while for the weight loss to occur, or even start. It will help to find other measurements of what you are doing in the meantime. For instance, you could use a measuring tape to measure your waist or your thigh or your arm. Or, you could keep track of exercise goals, like how long it takes you to run or walk a specific distance. Or, keep focused on a dietary goal, like increasing the number of leafy greens in your diet.

It may also help to go to a doctor. There are certain conditions that are very treatable that might inhibit weight loss, and also there are medications that many people take that make it difficult to lose weight for some people. If either of those things are happening, it will help you to know. Your weight is not a measure of your character, it's a result of your body chemistry. Changing that can be a challenge, more for some people than for others.

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12/8/13 10:42 A

Don't give up.. first of all there is so many ways to measure success and your hard work, such as how do your clothes feel? loose? how do you feel? really how do you feel after you have worked out, ate right, and got a good nights sleep..? if your not in that food fog hang over and your clothes are not tight then you are doing something right.. by tracking your food, and working out .. yes the scale measures our body weight and the weight will come off. and if you see an 1 or 2lbs weight loss each week then that is your efforts at work..

yes this can be discouraging.. but trust me this is a life style and a way of life healthy eating healthy living you want it because your here and you can do it..

be patient , take it one day at a time you can do it

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12/8/13 8:46 A

I've been really diligent with tracking and staying in my goal range for food and exercising tons... But the scale just doesn't move. It is stuck and I fear nothing I do will best this weight of my body. I want to give up before I even started. Any advice on what to do or how to think to get over this hurdle??

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