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BOSOX15 Posts: 108
10/8/12 12:47 P

This is probably a quinoa salad type thing but last night for dinner I mixed up some quinoa with black beans, diced tomatoes, cooked onions, and baked chicken. Then just loaded it with some cumin and some cayenne pepper. It was spicy but delicious!

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10/8/12 11:06 A

For breakfast I'll mix it with Red Mill Hot Cereal with fruit. Side dishes for dinner like a rice pilaf. My favorite is to use in in soups.

10/8/12 8:57 A

Everything I used to make with rice! Quinoa has become my staple go-to grain.

YISMET Posts: 364
10/8/12 7:50 A

I had to experiment with quinoa a while before I found things I really like. I tried quinoa as a breakfast food (a sort of oatmeal kind of thing with fruit, etc) and wasn't a huge fan. However, someone recently mentioned cooking it in apple juice. I haven't tried it, but I think I might like it for breakfast.

I found that I like it the most in savory things, and specifically things more substantial than a simple salad. I will often cook it in vegetable broth or another kind of liquid to increase the flavor options. I really love it topped with a poached egg.

Here are some of my favorite recipes (I do make some of these a little healthier - by cutting back on the amount of olive oil used for roasting/stir frying, by replacing any fried eggs with poached eggs, and by baking or grilling any sort of patties instead of frying them:

(I love the spices on this one. I top it with some cheese and a poached egg!)

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10/8/12 1:49 A

For breakfast, I cook quinoa like oatmeal and serve with vanilla soy milk & cinnamon. Also very good with coconut milk and organic brown granulated coconut nectar. (a type of sweetner.) You could also use date sugar or maple syrup or honey. Add dried fruit like chopped dates, raisins, currants, applesauce or almond butter.

For a side dish, I add tomato sauce along with water when cooking much like Spanish rice. A bit of chopped bell pepper in it is good, too.

For my personal taste, I really have to flavor quinoa up to eat it. This was a much more difficult transition for me than learning to sub brown rice or barley for white rice maybe because of the look and texture. However, when I was following the high protein/low carb diet it saved me since I could use it like a carb.

One time I cooked it plain and to use it up, scooped it into a pan and fried it like hash browns using coconut oil. In retrospect, rather than fry it, I would brush a pan with oil, spread it into a baking dish, then place in the oven with some seasoning and spray a little more oil on top.

Hope this helps you.

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10/7/12 11:39 P

What are you favourite things to make with quinoa?

Looking to incorporate it into breakfast (someone reccomended it as a sub for oatmeal).

Any other suggestions. I have loads of quinoa 'salad' type recipes, but looking for something a bit different.


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