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Favorite thing about Autumn

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Posts: 1,478
10/18/12 8:09 A

The crisp air and beautiful colours.... emoticon

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Posts: 636
10/18/12 6:51 A

the sun filtering through the golden trees while leaves gently float down, looks like a slice of heaven !! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 1,019
10/17/12 10:01 P

Sadly, the weather here has not given us a break.
There's a hot dry wind from Mexico that is blowing across us, keeping the temperature in the nineties! Happy October, y'all!!!


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Posts: 1,090
10/17/12 9:52 P

SHARONSOWN I know how you feel living here in south central Florida. At least the weather is cooling a little and it's good for my morning walks.

Posts: 1,019
10/17/12 9:44 P

I miss the changing of the seasons. Here in South Texas the changes are subtle. Green fades to gray and brown, then greens up again. I miss the drama of fall!

Posts: 3,030
10/17/12 8:32 P

The beautiful colors of the leaves, apples, apple cider and Bosc pears emoticon

Posts: 2,619
10/8/12 11:15 P

walking in the leaves

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Posts: 90
10/8/12 10:16 P

Fall is just beautiful! The smell in the air, the changing of all the colors. Spring is my favorite, because it is the beginning of all new things, but fall is right there to because it is a great time of year. It cool NOT COLD! and it is the only time of the year we can sleep with our windows open. emoticon emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (106,042)
Posts: 6,114
10/8/12 2:36 P

Crisp mornings, cool evenings and sunny days still

Posts: 2,948
9/23/12 5:42 P

cool air....

SparkPoints: (62,977)
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Posts: 1,683
9/23/12 3:30 P

crisp air.

SparkPoints: (46,011)
Fitness Minutes: (17,718)
Posts: 4,675
9/23/12 10:53 A

The color changes and fresh apples!!

Posts: 971
9/23/12 9:57 A

the change of colors

Posts: 1,782
9/22/12 9:24 P

I love EVERYTHING about fall, except for losing daylight earlier and earlier. I love the smells of autumn, the holidays, the colours (both in my garden and the greater landscape), I love the freshness in the air. I even love fall clothing!

Posts: 884
9/21/12 10:43 P

Walking in the woods

SparkPoints: (20,840)
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Posts: 11
9/20/12 9:27 A

I love the crisp, cool mornings sitting on the patio having coffee.

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Posts: 3,976
9/20/12 8:25 A

Nice cool days.

SparkPoints: (1,446)
Fitness Minutes: (661)
Posts: 5
9/20/12 7:51 A

I love the sound of the dried corn in a corn field, rustling in the wind, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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Posts: 14,792
9/20/12 7:32 A

September and October are the months that we see the deer coming in from the woods to set up nesting groves in the surrounding groves of trees. They stand near the road and watch us when we come in and out of the lane. With the drought..we won't see a lot of color this year..but the wildlife is abundant..probably because the pond is so convenient for them. My garden dried pumpkins...But local markets will have supplies and we might just improvise. Cool mornings and warm afternoons...lots to be thankful for!

SparkPoints: (147,660)
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Posts: 8,144
9/19/12 11:34 P

The crisp feel in the air and then feeling so cozy in your home.

SparkPoints: (93,056)
Fitness Minutes: (60,908)
Posts: 5,445
9/19/12 11:30 P

I like the changing colors of the leaves. I like living here in MI. because there are 4 distinct seasons. Some other places, it's summer & winter.

Posts: 9
9/19/12 11:24 P

Oh my....where to begin!!! I LOVE Autumn!! I wish you could bottle up the smell of dried leaves as you shuffle through them. I LOVE the change in the angle of the sun, the colors as the leaves turn, the crispness in the air, the smell of the top of a pumpkin that has been burnt ever so slightly by a candle, fall harvest such as apples and winter squash, having a good excuse to make chili and butternut squash soup, pumpkin cookies..........sigh....... :0)

SparkPoints: (210,962)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,556
9/19/12 9:51 A

Not so much the cool air but the dry air. I live in humid FL.

SparkPoints: (14,163)
Fitness Minutes: (6,573)
Posts: 203
9/18/12 1:48 P

Crisp mornings, colorful fall leaves, and apple harvest!!!!

SparkPoints: (18,469)
Fitness Minutes: (7,354)
Posts: 547
9/18/12 11:44 A

ditto!! I love fall!

Posts: 2,619
9/18/12 9:50 A

harvest and the fall colors

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Fitness Minutes: (5,022)
Posts: 855
9/18/12 9:10 A

The cooler weather and the changing leaves

SparkPoints: (13,421)
Fitness Minutes: (4,552)
Posts: 488
9/17/12 8:09 A

the leaves

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Fitness Minutes: (104,394)
Posts: 3,926
9/17/12 7:31 A

The beautiful colours of the trees and the milder weather.

Posts: 45,743
9/17/12 6:40 A

The cool crisp air, crunchy leaves, and the smell of bonfires and fireplaces lit for the first time.

SparkPoints: (46,011)
Fitness Minutes: (17,718)
Posts: 4,675
9/17/12 6:31 A

Crisp, cool .sunny, bright blue sky days!

SparkPoints: (17,169)
Fitness Minutes: (13,210)
Posts: 636
9/17/12 6:23 A

The turning of the leaves, smell of the crisp air in the mornings emoticon

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