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Favorite restaurant while Losing weight?

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SparkPoints: (83,429)
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Posts: 3,901
11/30/12 9:16 P

Coffee shops and PF Chang.

Posts: 1,019
11/30/12 9:12 P

Subway!!! Love it!

Posts: 637
11/30/12 8:59 P

middle-eastern restaurants - I get the chicken kebobs

SparkPoints: (14,506)
Fitness Minutes: (41,847)
Posts: 132
11/30/12 8:57 P

None. I don't trust myself just yet. Home is safer!

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Fitness Minutes: (12,112)
Posts: 99
11/30/12 8:49 P

Applebees has some great choices!

Posts: 11,471
11/30/12 7:33 P

Ones with a salad bar

SparkPoints: (34,393)
Fitness Minutes: (29,278)
Posts: 1,518
11/30/12 7:28 P

My kitchen. I can have anything I want, and always know how to track it!

Posts: 3,421
11/30/12 7:20 P

Subway and Applebees. But, I'm happy when anyone else cooks!

Posts: 4,639
11/30/12 6:48 P

Panera, Outback, local Thai, Chinese, and Indian.

Posts: 1,809
11/30/12 4:49 P

My kitchen I am quite the chef.

Posts: 705
11/30/12 4:28 P

Thousand Cranes A local Chinese and Japanese style restaurant. I love their lo mein.

Posts: 3,539
11/30/12 4:21 P


Posts: 11,158
11/30/12 3:39 P

subway----chopped chicken salad

wendys' -----chili

Posts: 847
11/30/12 11:45 A

I just order salad, fish or chicken that isn't fried or doesn't have heavy sauce over it ...
It's nice to go out to eat once in a while even if I can't have steak and mashed potatoes or husband cuts a small piece of his steak for me just to taste...

Posts: 2,000
11/30/12 8:09 A

Seasons 52, all their meals are under 500 calories and they really know how to prepare tasty and healthy food! We don't go too often because they aren't the cheapest either, but they are nice for certain occasions (we don't eat out that often anyways).

Posts: 54
11/30/12 7:26 A

I can usually find something healthy to eat at most any restaurant. Grilled chicken or fish (tilapia is a favorite, with lemon pepper) and a lot of times I will skip the potato and just ask for a double order of vegetables. No bread. No dessert. Start out with a dinner salad with Italian dressing.

Even at fast food places I have a list I keep in my purse for "better" choices to make. I can't say they are real "healthy" choices, but "better" ones that are the lowest in calories. Like a regular hamburger instead of a Big Mac or Whopper. Apple slices instead of fries. A big salad. Iced tea instead of soda. Etc.

SparkPoints: (111,796)
Fitness Minutes: (167,820)
Posts: 3,939
11/30/12 7:25 A

Subway and Ruby Tuesday

Posts: 273
11/30/12 7:22 A

Sushi places. I order sashimi and perhaps a seaweed salad. But the basic problem is you also lose your wallet... :(

Inexpensive: Panera's. At lunch I'll order the Cobb salad, hold the chicken. I've discovered it is enough for two meals, and I don't even take the accompanying bread. Or, I'll buy the black bean soup. (Panera's is the ONLY chain I ever eat at.)

I found ordering wisely at a good Lebanese or Thai restaurant is a good idea, as well.

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Posts: 17,187
11/30/12 5:08 A


Posts: 1,560
11/30/12 5:06 A


SparkPoints: (100,167)
Fitness Minutes: (66,460)
Posts: 17,940
11/30/12 4:07 A

I haven't got one

Posts: 5,854
11/30/12 12:13 A

I think any restaurant can be enjoyable if you do your homework and eat sensibly ...

Posts: 3,851
11/29/12 9:48 P

subway and applebees are both good

SparkPoints: (5,107)
Fitness Minutes: (792)
Posts: 301
11/29/12 5:51 P


Posts: 4,998
11/29/12 5:33 P


Posts: 17,679
11/29/12 5:29 P

Chili's, Applebee's, many chains offer "lighter" menu choices. And I've found restaurants will always try to help you (hamburger without the bun), fruit or veggies instead of fries. Just ask "could I have .... instead of...." "dressing on the side please" really does work.
Most importantly check out the nutritional info on line BEFORE you go. Believe me...salads are often not the best choice.

Bon appetite !!

SparkPoints: (9,476)
Fitness Minutes: (3,820)
Posts: 284
11/29/12 4:00 P

I like all the restaurants. Anymore they all have something for people that made lifestyle changes.

SparkPoints: (22,511)
Fitness Minutes: (9,413)
Posts: 736
11/29/12 3:38 P

I like the Black forest ham at Subway.

The soup (either Minestrone or Pasta Fagiole) and salad (I ask for non-fat Italian dressing) and maybe one or 1/2 breadstick at Olive Garden.

The pick 2 at Panera-- small veg or black bean soup with 1/2 smoked turkey or tuna with mustard.

Posts: 2,111
11/29/12 10:53 A

I'm traveling and found McDonald's has a great Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad with Paul Newman dressing that is delicious and has around 400 calories. It's an easy, healthy stop on the highway.

SparkPoints: (101,567)
Fitness Minutes: (64,359)
Posts: 4,385
11/29/12 10:49 A

I find I'm going to McDonald's more often to get a yogurt for breakfast or a salad with grilled chicken for lunch or dinner.

SparkPoints: (976)
Fitness Minutes: (727)
Posts: 203
11/29/12 10:45 A

I find I can eat out almost anywhere... Most all restaurants have 'low cal' specials or choices. I just choose not to order appetizers or desserts!

SparkPoints: (2,124)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 28
11/29/12 10:25 A

CUBKATIE - I like avacado on my sub, too (I can't stand mayo). If you're bringing the sub back home, you could always buy an avacado to keep at the house and put your own slice on (just remember to store it with plastic wrap tight to the cut side so it won't brown and use within a few days)

SparkPoints: (2,124)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 28
11/29/12 10:22 A

any - you can find something that won't derail you anywhere

SparkPoints: (83,599)
Fitness Minutes: (65,859)
Posts: 5,242
11/29/12 10:15 A

I love any seafood restaurant.

Posts: 11,447
11/29/12 10:14 A

Salad Stop, Applebee's, Actually I can't think of a single restaurant (including McDonald's) I don't go to - I find a healthy choice at all of them

SparkPoints: (111,359)
Fitness Minutes: (55,980)
Posts: 9,872
11/29/12 10:13 A


SparkPoints: (4,408)
Fitness Minutes: (1,052)
Posts: 466
11/29/12 10:09 A

Panera has a lot of salad choices and Bonefish Grill is mainly a seafood place. But I'd say ANY restaurant (other than Olive Garden) that puts their calorie info on their website. Because I can find something at almost any restaurant where their info is readily available.

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
11/29/12 9:03 A

All things being equal, I would select Subway. Denny's has a great cranberry and apple salad as well.

Posts: 61
11/29/12 8:56 A

i would have to say Subway, although i am disappointed that they quit carrying the avocado

Posts: 16,014
11/29/12 8:56 A

No favorite.
I can find healthy choices at any restaurant I go to.
But... I don't do fast food or Chinese buffets.

SparkPoints: (85,307)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 12,133
11/29/12 8:54 A

I don't eat out very often anymore, so when I do it's a splurge for me and I order whatever I want. One thing I do though, is I lighten up on my other meals of the day to soften the blow-LOL!

SparkPoints: (4,408)
Fitness Minutes: (1,052)
Posts: 466
11/29/12 8:43 A

Panera Bread or Bonefish Grill

Posts: 9,780
11/29/12 6:20 A

I don't know if I have one

Posts: 3,026
11/29/12 6:10 A


Posts: 6,050
11/29/12 4:45 A

P.S. Also, order Chinese steamed cooked only (nothing fat, no salt, no msg)! It is delicious! I usually get Chicken chop suey (measure out 1/2 cup of rice) or Chicken sub gum chop suey! Also you can do beef or shrimp! Vegatatian dishes are great this way, too! Try it...I usual order this once a week!

Posts: 6,050
11/29/12 4:42 A

I have lost my weight using restaurant food! Forty some pounds on Spark and sixty some on my own! You can do it and since I had no choice I did it! I mostly went (carry out) from a family home cooking type restaurant! I made sure I was specific on what I wanted...anything from grilled fish (haddock, orange roughy, cod), salad, baked potatoe, vegetable or slice tomatoes. Also grilled chicken breast, baked chicken, meatless cabbage soup, and sometimes a bun, extra lettuce, tomatoe and onion and made a salad! Turkey dinner, no stuffing or gravy, with baked potatoe. I also ate Subway, Wendy's baked potatoes, small chili, and salads! I would even eat veggie pizza with thin crust...two slices with garden salad! It can be done!

Posts: 701
11/29/12 4:33 A

None. They don't cook as healthy as I can.

SparkPoints: (114,644)
Fitness Minutes: (113,147)
Posts: 4,631
11/29/12 4:32 A

Outback-The tilapia is delicious.

Posts: 5,720
11/29/12 4:20 A


SparkPoints: (8,524)
Fitness Minutes: (1,353)
Posts: 1,572
11/29/12 1:14 A

I know while living ahealthy lifestyle and keeping with weight loss goals, it's best to cook and prepare and measure outt meals and foods at home, but when you do go outto eat, what restaurants do you choose that have some good options for those losing weight?


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