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All my condiments are much better and tastier too. I love olive oils. I love Smart Balance products such as butter and mayo, not the peanut butter. I love fresh ground peanut butter verses jarred with additives.

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4/24/13 1:35 P

What are your favorites?

greek yogurt wins the most versatile award for me - I use it to replace cream cheese, other soft cheeses, sour cream, whipped cream
I use plain on a baked potato, or in Americanized Mexican and other savory foods.
I use plain in 'baking' like the rare attempt at a lower calorie cake
I use vanilla (or other flavor) instead of whipped cream on something like angel food cake and fruit.
In terms of taste and worst, the "replacement" is really a non-issue. At best, it makes it better.

I use quinoa to add mass to just about anything like stuffed peppers or a cassarole.

Hummus goes a long way in place of mayo in some things like sandwiches.

It's probably the most nutritional fun I've had on my journey. Finding delicious things that just cut calories without any drop in nutritional value (sometimes even improves it). Quite often, I find flavor/satisfaction improvement.

What are yours? I'm looking to shake things up.

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