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7/18/14 11:12 P

Jessica Smith

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7/15/14 9:45 A

My favorite fitness channels on youtube are:

Fitness Blender
Livestrong woman

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7/14/14 8:27 P

I enjoy Jessica Smith videos on you tube as well. She has great variety and it is easy to make the workouts more challenging.

7/14/14 8:15 P

I love Fitnessblender

GERTMCD Posts: 138
7/14/14 2:48 P

I've been doing Jessica Smith's YouTube workout videos for about a month now and really like them. I love that there are so many that I can do a different one every time and it keeps me from getting bored. She has a great personality and I like the informality of the setting and her cues, it's like being in a live class with her. And it's free! Can't beat that.

Any recommendations for other good trainers and workout videos you've seen on YouTube?

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