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5/8/12 5:59 P

Didn't even know there was such a group! Thanks, DragonChilde!


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5/7/12 4:15 P

The best workout is the one you'll do. No one workout is better than another, if you don't put in the effort! With that said!

Look up the Kinect to fitness group here on Sparkpeople... you'll get lots of recommendations. The one you'll hear the most about is Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

Here's the team:

Happy Sparking!

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5/7/12 4:11 P

I hear Zumba for it is really good, I just got the Wii vrs today so plan on tearing it up tonight.

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APORTER475 Posts: 26
5/7/12 1:37 P

I got the Biggest Loser one first and was surprised how intense of a work out it was for a fitness game. Not exactly a "fun" work out is a good workout, but not something I personally would be able to stick to if that was the only thing work out I was doing. I tried Zumba (the original) because I love going to Zumba classes...but I did not feel like this was a very hard work out at all. Is Zumba Rush better? What Kinect game gives you the best work out?


"Your life, your excuses!"
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