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GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,571
3/3/13 3:06 P

I take Geritol Complete. It has some iron.

SUNSHINE20001 Posts: 638
3/3/13 3:01 P

I take women's one-a-day with Lutein which I have seen a marked improvement in my skin, which could also be diet related. I have split it in half and take twice a day because your body can't absorb all the vitamins I've heard

3/3/13 2:57 P

This SP article will give you some selection tips for a multivitamin-mineral supplement:

Something like a Centrum, One-a-Day, or similar store brand.

SP Dietitian Becky

IHEARTK8N8 Posts: 13
3/3/13 2:23 P

Im currently taking the Herbalife Multivitamin but the directions are to take it 3 times a day. Id like to find one that I only have to take once a day?

Anyone have a favorite one? Thank you

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