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5/7/14 9:13 A

Peach and Razzleberry Peace Tea emoticon

5/7/14 9:13 A

Peach and Razzleberry Peace Tea emoticon

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5/7/14 9:12 A

Constant Comment

5/7/14 9:12 A

Peach and Razzleberry Peace Tea emoticon

5/7/14 9:12 A

Peach and Razzleberry Peace Tea emoticon

MYAKAYAH Posts: 9,646
5/7/14 9:06 A

Republic of Tea's

Ginger Peach
Cardamon Cinnamon
Flowering Fruit
Safari Sunset
Republic Chai (red version)

I also get a Chinese Red Tea from the International Marketplace where I live. I can get 3 steeps out of it, so good. I could drink this one exclusively~

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
5/7/14 8:31 A

My absolute favorite tea is by Stash and it's called Vanilla Nut Creme (sadly, it's decaf...) but otherwise it's wonderful.

I'm a vanilla freak. I love the taste of vanilla. I like herbal teas and can often be found at Teavana stores annoying the heck out of the girls working there...

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5/7/14 3:34 A


5/7/14 3:09 A

I prefer green tea, white tea, or chai tea...I am not a fan of black tea

EOWYN2424 Posts: 7,035
5/7/14 2:54 A

High mountain oolong tea.

Suppose to help you lose fat.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
5/6/14 8:04 P


5/6/14 7:17 P

Nutcracker - cinnamon & vanilla which I now make myself

QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
5/6/14 7:12 P

Hot - cinnamon
Iced - black mango
Hot or iced - chai

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,112
5/6/14 7:10 P

Green and citrus

APERRINE1 SparkPoints: (7,561)
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5/6/14 6:59 P


CUSH1932 SparkPoints: (64,110)
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5/6/14 6:38 P

hibiscus - i think that is how its spelled.

LADYREDCOMET SparkPoints: (65,706)
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5/6/14 6:01 P

Generally - pumpkin spice, unsweetened chai, and iron silk puerh.

All of my favorite Teavana teas have been discontinued, but I loved their sweet oolong revolution and pumpkin spice brulee. I like Adagio's chocolate chai, pu erh spice, and chestnut teas. Also, I have yet to try any Yogi tea that wasn't delicious.

SHERYLDS Posts: 15,816
5/6/14 5:45 P

anyone notice a big change in Lipton Tea?????
It seems to have half the strength and taste that it used to....(2 100 count boxes in the last 3 months.)

X_MONICA_X SparkPoints: (30,647)
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5/6/14 4:59 P


Green tea
Lemon Ginger
Pumpkin Spice

PICKIE98 SparkPoints: (398,320)
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5/6/14 4:25 P

jasmine tea and Constant Comment

YMUNDERWOOD SparkPoints: (280,898)
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5/6/14 2:58 P

Refresh mint tea at starbuvks.

CHIARABOH SparkPoints: (15,821)
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5/6/14 2:31 P

black tea with lemon and ginger, or orange and cinnamon.
i usually buy plain black tea then i add my favourite spices and/or citrus...

5/6/14 10:35 A

I like mint teas. I can even add a bag to my water bottle of cold water and it tastes so refreshing!

GEORGANNE39 SparkPoints: (43,303)
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5/6/14 10:25 A

peach or orange spice

03191952 SparkPoints: (15,294)
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5/6/14 8:15 A

It seems as though I only drink hot tea when I don't feel up to parr, I have tried & like the Snapple tea with peach, goooood.

KITTY20 Posts: 7,573
5/6/14 7:58 A

black, orange, English Breakfast Tea and lemon lift most are Biglow but, I also really like Lipton too. (Decaf) on all of the above.

SCHOPPEK Posts: 1,081
5/6/14 7:46 A

I am a big fan of Republic of Tea! I love Rooibos, that's my favorite. Second favorite would be peppermint tea and peppermint chocolate tea.

SHOOTINGSTAR12 SparkPoints: (30,873)
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Posts: 1,351
5/6/14 6:07 A

Bigelow Organic Green Tea

5/6/14 6:01 A


SALGUOD2 Posts: 3,839
5/6/14 4:47 A

green tea is all I usually drink, no particular brand

ROXYCARIN SparkPoints: (69,175)
Fitness Minutes: (61,313)
Posts: 2,999
5/6/14 3:27 A

White tea

ONECALMMOM Posts: 6,258
5/6/14 2:15 A

green tea, decaf peach tea

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (355,348)
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Posts: 9,971
4/20/14 11:55 P

I love Chamomile, green, and white teas.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,566)
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Posts: 10,422
4/20/14 10:42 P

in the evening I like…Chamomile or Lemon Ginger

BUD_44 SparkPoints: (40,111)
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Posts: 2,040
4/20/14 8:55 P

green tea

ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (154,015)
Fitness Minutes: (136,820)
Posts: 10,401
4/20/14 8:50 P

Good old Lipton black tea bags................have green tea, but rarely drink it, and the herbal teas sit in a cabinet, gifts from people, they just don't turn me on, didn't like them even in the old hippie days, in fact. Lipton or nothing.

LOLEMA SparkPoints: (105,894)
Fitness Minutes: (128,714)
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4/20/14 8:09 P

Green & Red Roobius (green tea w/o caffeine essentially)

APPLESCHNAPPLE SparkPoints: (11,223)
Fitness Minutes: (4,149)
Posts: 46
4/20/14 7:43 P

Herbal and fruit teas make me GAG. I can take Green tea but only mixed with black tea or in a boba drink. My favourite tea is Lady Grey. I also love a good Kenyan blend.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 14,655
4/20/14 5:23 P

Tension tamers.

BISCUITANDPENNY SparkPoints: (889)
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Posts: 16
4/20/14 4:55 P

Thanks for the big list of flavors I will have to try! I love chamomille, green tea with citrus, a red cinnamon flavor I can't recall off hand!

BISCUITANDPENNY SparkPoints: (889)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 16
4/20/14 4:51 P

Thanks for the big list of flavors I will have to try! I love chamomille, green tea with citrus, a red cinnamon flavor I can't recall off hand!

MJEFFERSON23 SparkPoints: (32,691)
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4/20/14 4:37 P

Constant Comment

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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Posts: 2,954
4/20/14 4:12 P

Płain old Earl Grey.

SHELY547 SparkPoints: (110)
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Posts: 22
4/20/14 3:57 P

I love tea!! I like any Yogi tea, I love chai, and I like a lot of others. I'm a tea addict, I have a whole drawer full of tea, and I collect mugs.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (168,293)
Fitness Minutes: (247,315)
Posts: 24,507
4/20/14 3:05 P

I'm a big fan of tea. I drink a variety of brands. I do favor English blends. Love English Breakfast tea. Also, enjoy Darjeeling and Ceylon.

SHERYLDS Posts: 15,816
4/20/14 2:55 P

- French Vanilla
-Vanilla Caramel

NEWLITTLE1 Posts: 795
4/20/14 2:15 P

Pomegranate green tea :)

MCCC75 SparkPoints: (25,022)
Fitness Minutes: (3,008)
Posts: 1,181
4/20/14 1:38 P

Bigelow Green Tea - Lemon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/20/14 1:33 P

- French Vanilla

With vanilla almond milk.

MEEKA71 SparkPoints: (44,384)
Fitness Minutes: (65,061)
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4/20/14 12:49 P

My latest catalog from the Republic of Tea came with a sample of one of their new teas, Hibiscus Watermelon herbal tea.

It is FANTASTIC, in case you're wondering. emoticon

So as I'm sitting here, sipping on delicious watermelon tea, I began wondering what kind of tea my fellow Sparkers like to drink. I love a wide variety, myself. My favorite flavors, sorted by brand:

Republic of Tea:
- Hibiscus Watermelon (my most recent addition, lol)
- Hibiscus Vanilla Apple
- Banana Cuppa Chocolate Rooibus
- Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Rooibus
- Lemon Chiffon Cuppa Cake Green Rooibus
- Green Tea with Toasted Rice
- Good Hope Vanilla Rooibus
- Pomegranate Vanilla Rooibus
- Double Dark Chocolate Mate
- Vanilla Almond Black tea
- Blackberry Sage Black tea

- Red Dragon Spice Chai
- Green Chai
- Meyer Lemon herbal
- Christmas Morning Black and Green teas
- Fusion Breakfast Green and Black teas
- Chocolate Hazelnut Black
- Chocolate Mint Oolong
- Kopili Assam Black

- French Vanilla
- Vanilla Chai
- Plantation Mint

- Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh
- White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibus
- Earl Gray Creme Black
- Cacao Mint Black
(and several of their seasonal and discontinued teas: White Chocolate Peppermint, Cocoa Praline Tart, and Pistachio Apple Pie Rooibus teas)

Kind of a big list. emoticon

So, SparkPeople: what are YOUR favorite teas?

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