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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
6/7/13 12:45 P

I'm right there with you! emoticon


NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
6/7/13 12:30 P

Coach Tanya, that's an excellent point. I really could stand to improve my posture, and I'm sure it would improve my seated profile!

It feels good to know I'm not alone in this!!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
6/7/13 11:38 A

Posture may be something to consider. Few of us exhibit good posture, let alone perfect posture. In fact, poor posture often develops so gradually that you may notice its symptoms (back and neck pain, tightness and stiffness, increased injury and losses in your normal range of motion) long before you notice your shoulders hunching over.

Luckily, you can correct your posture by incorporating some simple exercises and stretches into your workout program.

Exercises to Improve Your Posture
Stand Taller, Look 10 Pounds Thinner

Coach Tanya

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,133
6/7/13 10:00 A

I'm an is what it is.
but now I'm a bright firmer healthy apple...everything is relative emoticon

KENZYE Posts: 357
6/7/13 9:32 A

I can relate. I am very critical of myself, sometimes to the extreme, and i am always finding some fault. I know that I look fat around my middle when I am sitting and it drives me up the wall. I am always sucking in my stomach. UGH!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/7/13 9:29 A

Well, I can relate because at the moment, I AM fat sitting down, standing up, and at every angle of repose in between!

That said, I relate to this in a different way, if I take my mind back in time about 25, 30 years, when i was like, 18-24 range (age wise) and more of an 8-10 (size wise). I used to feel soooooooo uncomfortable in a bikini sitting at the edge of a pool or on a blanket at the beach.... why? Because I had what I THOUGHT was a "roll of fat" that appeared when I sat down, that everyone would be staring at. I... have since looked back at pictures of me then, and, hah, it wasn't a "fat roll" it was just a natural crease that happens when you fold your body at the 90 degree angle required for sitting. Hooboy. -facepalm-

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
Fitness Minutes: (35,554)
Posts: 1,091
6/7/13 9:20 A

I can totally relate! My stomach sticks out like a baby's round belly when I sit! No rolls, just one huge belly (and it's not all that big when I stand). My leg fat also 'spreads' out when I sit. Okay in jeans, but awful in shorts or a swimsuit.

6/7/13 5:48 A

TOTALLY can relate!

I have to sit erect in order not to look fat, my friends & colleagues just snicker and tease me about being too muscular that I can't relax on a, yeah, THAT's what it is, lol!

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (242,311)
Fitness Minutes: (154,485)
Posts: 2,119
6/7/13 5:14 A

Yes, I can. I'll never have model thin legs, I'm just not built that way. I'm a pear with curves and my legs always seemed bigger than the rest of me. In actuality I am well proportioned but my legs drive me nuts. Even with muscle mass, when I sit down the "fat" spreads.

When I'm in a core Pilates position my legs look fantastic - but I can't sit on the beach THAT way - lol

Others accept me for who I am - why can't I ?

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
6/7/13 5:07 A

I have a generally good body image - I'm at a healthy weight, I have a lot of muscle, and I'm pretty happy with how I look. But I have a major hang up with how I look sitting down, especially on the beach. I feel like, if I'm at a healthy weight, I shouldn't look fat sitting down, but I do. I feel just as fat as I was when I was over 200 lbs and starting this journey. It's very frustrating because it's not a case of good body image or bad body image, it's a weird mix. Can anyone relate to this?

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