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5/4/13 11:15 A

Last year I was tasked with making food for a baby shower where the mom to be had to be on a very low fat diet due to gallstones that they couldn't fix until after she had the baby. I served these chicken skewers as my main dish, and they are great grilled:

I had it as making 6 servings, and each serving of the glaze is only .1 grams of fat and 30.6 calories... so even the entire batch is under 1 gram of fat. I did it on boneless skinless chicken breasts but I bet it would be good on lean pork (like pork tenderloin cubed up). Probably good on shrimp too.

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5/4/13 5:27 A

When I was the cook at a Rest Home, one of the elderly residents was unable to tolerate fat. She could eat meat, tho', just not the fatty cuts. I also NEVER made any gravy with fat added. She never had a problem with my cooking. If someone else was filling in for me, they did, and she always suffered. The act of cooking meat on a BBQ generally drains the fat away, so shouldn't be too much of a problem, so long as she can chew it.

Skinless chicken should be safe for her, and so too fish - try steaming it or popping it into a microwave to cook. As a general rule, the darker the fish, the higher the fat content, so white fish should be o.k. You should be able to buy plain frozen fish fillets that are easy for her to prepare. I make a white sauce in the microwave and don't use any fats at all. I use powdered chicken stock which gives it a slightly cheesy flavour. It would go well with the fish or the chicken.


BRIGHID3 Posts: 61
5/3/13 10:52 P

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I love the kabob idea! I'll definitely prep some for the party.

I talked with her this evening and I think she may not have realized the number of things she's eating that have fat and the cummulative amount across day. She said several things which lead me to believe that she's having trouble assessing the amount also. For starters, she gets Meals on Wheels and while she avoids the meat and gravy options, I have a feeling that most of them will be close to her 18 grams/day limit.

I think I'll make a gift package for her to take home with her daughter of low or no fat foods that she can store in her freezer for those days when she's tired. If I had to live in that situation, I'd just pitch all the high fat foods. (The dressing that did her in was 20 grams of fat per serving.)

Once again, thanks for all the great ideas!

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5/3/13 7:44 A

Shrimp is very low in fat. Maybe you could make shrimp kebabs?

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/3/13 6:27 A

I'd definitely go with the 'ask the caregiver' option first, and see exactly how strict she needs to be, and go from there with any of the options you initially listed - which are quite low in natural fats.

Wow, what a horrible way to have to live.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
5/3/13 12:30 A

I do think if she is so sensitive it is good to ask her or her caregiver for ideas of what she can tolerate.

I don't think any meat dish will be no fat but turkey or chicken breast should be pretty low.
Instead of a marinade or sauce on meat you could try a spice rub.

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5/2/13 11:58 P

I think all meat is going to have a small amount of fat.

I would try maybe extra lean turkey burger or chicken. If you are cooking it on a grill, that will allow what little fat is in it to cook out.

Maybe boneless pork loin chops?

Something else you could try is to make kabobs with a lean meat. That way you can use a small amount of the meat, and fill it out with colorful veggies.

When in doubt... ask.

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5/2/13 10:24 P

Maybe black bean burgers or something like that? Not sure if that's NO fat at all though.

I would definitely ask her or whoever cares for her regularly for suggestions.

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5/2/13 10:19 P

You're not likely to find a main course meat with NO fat at all. Go with low fat- so avoid fatty cuts of beef and pork- and use a marinade or rub with no added fats in it. Skinless chicken breast is a good choice. Don't forget that you'll need at least one or two low-fat sides as well.

Have you tried asking the relative what she eats at home that doesn't cause distress? She must have found something that doesn't bother her.

BRIGHID3 Posts: 61
5/2/13 9:57 P

Hi all! I spent some time checking the nutrition information tonight looking for a fat-free main course for a BBQ later this month. I checked chicken breasts, tilapia and haddock and was surprised to find fat in all of them.

I have an elderly relative who can't tolerate much, if any fat, and will be attending this BBQ. Yesterday, she had a salad with an oil-based dressing as part of dinner and spent most of the night with lots of GI distress. She's old enough that "Have a lovely quinoa salad!" won't go over very well. Her food choices are pretty much rooted in middle America, circa 1965. And she's obviously not strict enough with herself to eliminate obvious fatty choices.

So, any ideas? I hope someone has some inspiration!

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