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9/23/13 2:17 P

sorry to burst your bubble, but the likelihood is that you are gaining weight not losing. I worked at Wendy's as a manager for two years. I lifted, i ran, i scrubbed, and of course I ate. Though i did choose the healthier options, I found that I was gaining weight more than losing it. When I started to bring healthier options to subsidize or stop eating the food altogether (even though I got it free) i started to lose the weight.

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9/23/13 9:24 A

Whether you lose weight or not would depend on what/ how much you're eating.

As for the calorie burn through what you do for work... If you've been doing this for a while, your body has adjusted to the energy expenditure. Instead of starting out as "sedentary" for example, you'd be perhaps in "light activity". For even though it's a fast-paced McDonald's, mostly you're probably standing and moving your arms, with some walking (a few steps at a time, and then back to standing).

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Not really, no. While you may need more calories than someone working a sedentary job, you need fewer than someone doing an equivalent amount of cardio. Your body adapts over time, and your heart rate never gets in the cardio range, so it's not exercise. Especially since you're cooking, and not waiting tables (or something similar that requires a lot of movement.)

Additionally, weight loss is about the food you eat, not the exercise you do. So if you're eating too much (even if those choices are healthier) you won't make any headway. It's a lot easier to eat 300 calories than to burn it!

Here's how you determine if you need more calories than the allowance provided (although you still shouldn't track it as exercise!)

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9/23/13 9:14 A

I was wondering how many calories I burn working in fast food. I cook at a fast-paced Mc Donalds and work very hard with no breaks. s that accurate? If so, I should be losing weight.

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