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6/9/10 12:06 A

The amount of difference in calories burned between walking and running is not significant (walking and jogging) I have read lots of reasearch, and the results are, in my opinion, unclear which burns more and which burns less. By and large, a give person at a given weight will burn roughly the same walking a mile, running a mile, or jogging a mile. There may be small differences, but some may be more efficient when walking than when running or vise versa. The adviantage of running, is it takes less time to burn the calories becuase it takes less time to cover the diestance. Also you get your heart rate up higher which gives you a better cario work out.

An other important issue, is that you are more likely to sustain an injury running than walking. Not that it is impossible to injure yourself walking, it is just less likely.

So as you add to your workout, and this could mean increasing your speed or increasing your distance. Do it slowly, allow your body to build up strength to sustain the workout. Also I would suggests strength training form the start to help develop and balance the muscles.

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6/8/10 9:09 P

slow jog for me I tend to get slower and slower if I try a fast walk.

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6/8/10 8:37 P

Unident even did a science experiment for us where it was proven that walking really really fast burns more calories than running at that speed :)

I think you should do whatever one feels more intense (as long as it's not intense in a bad way). If you feel like your exerting more energy with the jog, keep at it. But it sounds like you might be able to exert more by power walking on the hills.

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6/8/10 8:35 P

fast walk

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6/8/10 5:19 P

If it were me, I'd walk when I needed to (uphill, catch my breath, whatever) and run when I felt like it. The point, of course, is to keep moving.

I bet over time the walk breaks get shorter and less frequent.

But no, I wouldn't force jogging form (hopping from one foot to the next) just to say that I'm running instead of walking.

At the end of my current workouts I figure out how far I went and how long. I record it all under "walk/run" here, and the computer lets me know how slow I am.

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6/8/10 3:36 P

You're better off walking.

A very fast walk actually does burn more calories than a slow jog. However, we're talking FAST. If you are finding yourself forced to walk because you can't jog any more, the chances are that this isn't a speed walk either.

For better fitness and improvement in your running, acknowledge those times you must walk and just walk. Trying to jog a forced pathetically slow pace through them doesn't make you a better runner.

6/8/10 10:43 A

According to Jeff Galloway in his book Galloway's Book on Running, the run/walk burns about 80 calories a mile. A straight walk would burn around 50, and straight run around 100.

I don't know how speed factors in, if it does much at all or does a lot. I do the walk/run at a moderate pace and seem to do well with calories.

If you have a heart rate monitor or can afford to get one, use it to see the calories you're burning. That would give you an accurate measure.

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6/8/10 10:30 A

I just started trying to do some walking as exercise. I ran across some playlists that are interval routines for jogging/running. At this point, I can't run the entire thing, but I'm doing what my body is able. About 3/4 of the time, I'm walking...

But my question... My walking 'path' is actually my neighborhood and has quite a few hills. So, I find myself (usually at the hills, but not always), really struggling to jog. My steps shorten, and if I walk, I can actually move faster because I can take longer strides. But I'm 'capable' of jogging it, just at a slower pace.

So, am I burning more calories doing a slower jog than a faster walk? Would you recommend that I walk those stretches instead of jog?


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