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5/5/14 5:01 P

As an aside, you can get meat at Chipotle that hasn't been marinated and is therefore less salty. You need to wait for it to be cooked. Frankly, if I'm going to wait around that long, I could just cook at home.

If my office orders ahead for lunch, I always request mine not marinated.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,210
5/5/14 4:52 P

the grocery store is a great alternative. every grocery chain i have been in for the past few years has premade salad, precut fruit bowls or parfaits, hardboiled eggs and yogurt. the better ones have pretty decent sushi as well [for it being a grocery store], but you still have to watch the calories on those. publix will steam any seafood from the case for you, though you will have to pay tax on it and a small fee for them to do it [i think it's like a buck or two]. i'm not a meat eater, but a lot of people seem to be okay with the rotisserie chicken as a quick protein option. you can hash out with dh if that counts or not. cup of soups have come a long way from just noodles. nile, health valley and dr macdougall's are all around and they have options like potato leek, lentil curry, chili, and black bean [the black bean has 13 g of fiber in the big cup!]. and those are add hot water sort of things.
the bigger and better chains will have hot and cold bars and quite a few options where it comes to soup as well. granted, like with any other eating out, the sodium will be higher than at home.

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5/5/14 4:13 P


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5/5/14 2:52 P

That's what I thought. Anything counter ordered is fast food. With Noodles and Company there are healthier options. Chapotle and Illegal Pete's uses a lot of sodium.

5/5/14 2:19 P

if it's premade, it's fast food. :) if you stand at a counter to order, order through a drive through etc.

So Chipotle is fast food, you can't order the beef made without salt for example. It's already made.

but it is your challenge!

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5/5/14 1:25 P

That's good to know as I thought there was a set standard according to our society of fast food and their definition.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
5/5/14 1:22 P

It's your challenge, so I'd say that you get to make up your own definition of "fast food"!

My personal definition of "fast food" would include any restaurant, whether counter-style or sit-down, that doesn't use fresh ingredients and make all of their foods from "scratch" --- which basically would only leave me with a few local high-end restaurants and a couple of Mom-and-Pop ones where they do their own cooking. I consider all of the "chain" restaurants to be "fast food". Basically, if they can serve me anything other than a salad in less than 20 minutes, then I'd consider it "fast food".

My definition would also include any pre-made items from the grocery store (frozen pizza, frozen meals, deli salads, etc.).

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5/5/14 12:54 P

For my 100 day challenge I'm choosing to give up fast food. My husband and I are trying to figure out what constitutes as fast food, or what is defined as fast food. I want to say that it's anything where you order at a counter and get your food. But he's saying that Chipotle and Illegal Pete's (which is like a Chipotle and Qdoba), isn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not trying to skirt around the fast food, but if we are out, what a good alternative would be.

Thank you

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