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MINNIEKS6101 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 65
9/26/12 2:11 P

i love them, they should let us guess and poll before showing the answer!

KACEYSW Posts: 4,200
9/26/12 1:58 P

There are so many interesting things in the quizzes, I am always learning.

DIETER27 Posts: 8,131
9/26/12 1:56 P

the quizzes are very interesting and i reset it so i could do them again.

RONNIEHUEY Posts: 12,033
9/26/12 11:11 A

interesting quizzes

JICKEE Posts: 585
9/26/12 10:27 A

Take the Spark People Quiz, I scored well,(just a regular burger king) but was surprised at some of the information offered

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