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1/8/13 12:16 A

Hi Naijapikin!

Do you mean that you did your cardio and strength on different days but they are listed on the same day? You may need to delete one, then go to the appropriate day and re-enter. Good luck!

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1/6/13 11:52 A

Thanks Golf for helping me out, I fixed it already. I have another problem now, my "cardio" and "strength" are clumped on the same day, I need to separate them. I already went to 'fitness setup' I cannot still effect the change yet.

Thanks for the help.

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1/2/13 5:44 P

Top left of screen click on "My Trackers" then "Other Goals".

Scroll down and you'll see Fast Break Goals listed at the bottom. There is button that says "Add/Remove Fast Break Goals" so you can change them.

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,459
1/2/13 4:20 P

Pls where and how do I edit my fast break goals. I seemed to have lost it on my tracking on Sparkcoach.

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