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9/25/11 11:00 A

Farm fresh eggs I get are gathered the same day as they are laid.. The shop purchased ones have come from huge mass production farms where germs are in huge numbers..

The eggs I get from the farm are also larger, the chickens have had a better life and all the white is thick not like shop crap there is a thin mass of white from the days they have been sitting on the shelf around the edge..

If fresh there is no thin white mass at all it should be totally perfect and the yolk are a brighter yellow than shop purchased....

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PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
9/25/11 9:01 A

I love farm eggs, but haven't found any in this area. I try to get brown eggs at the store, I think they have a better flavor., the yolks having a richer taste. I know that nutritionally they are the same, but I find the tastes different.

Generic medications are also supposed to be the same, but they just don't work for everyone.

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9/25/11 3:53 A

I have my own chickens, too, and mine also roam free and eat organic feed. The yolks from their eggs are deeper orange yellow than anything I have ever bought at a store, except for other pastured eggs (though super expensive!), and the eggs definitely taste better than others. I know my hens eat bugs, worms, small frogs!, live greens, seeds and more. Eggs may not be different in terms of macronutrients, protein and fats and whatnot, but I'd bet good money that eggs from these hens have more vitamin A, omega 3's (naturally occurring, not supplemented), and numerous other things that we don't even have names for yet. If we are what we eat, then so are they! :) Just use a little logic and you'll know absolutely that hens raised in their more natural environment are going to produce healthier eggs than hens raised on chicken prison rations. ;-)

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9/24/11 6:08 P

Thanks for the input. I agree with Hoosierjules. regardless of what the studies/labs say I too can tell the difference. Maybe because I let them roam and eat what they naturally eat the eggs taste different or maybe that is just me. The yolks are more of a deep yellow and seem creamier to me too. That said I love my "girls, I love to watch them run around and they keep my yard free of just about everything that crawls. I laugh as my dog, part border collie, tries to round them up, because the chickens are not afraid of the dog they all end up walking around and around in circles. At least I know I have "happy" chickens and they lead a good, protected life.

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9/19/11 8:09 A

There may not be any major differences per the Labs, but it makes a difference to me. The yolks of fresh eggs are a much richer yellow than that of store bought eggs and I have the knowledge that my chickens are, like was said before, chickens and not stuck in a cage.

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9/19/11 4:53 A

I love chickens too!
emoticon emoticon

We used to have chickens when I was a kid and we did the same as you--let them roam and be chickens during the daytime (they were locked securely in their coop at night). I never noticed any difference in how their eggs tasted vs the store bought ones. I did notice that our chickens had eggs with a beautiful deep golden yolk that was definitely more intense and rich-looking than I've ever seen in a store bought egg. I'm not sure that translates into any difference in nutritional content, though. Our chickens were not the same breed as the commercial chickens and ours had eggs that were green or brown (depending on the chicken) and not white (like the commercial chicken eggs). We had Araucanas, Plymouth Rocks and, once, we had a Rhode Island Red chicken.

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9/19/11 3:19 A

Texture, taste and colour? Not me. I get my eggs mostly from a friend with free-range chooks, but sometimes I forget to get some and buy store-bought. I've never noticed any differences at all between his and the store's.

9/17/11 6:13 P

The nutrients are the same in your farm fresh eggs and store variety.
Also the cholesterol content does not really change with the age of the egg either.

SP Registered Dietitian

PS...Your post brings up vivid memories of having to gathter eggs as a child...need I mention the fear experienced on the day the possum lifted its head out of the chicken nest. I can still feel my heart missing beats. :)

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9/17/11 5:11 P

If you have your own chickens, you're doing a good thing for your own mental well-being and for the welfare of chickendom worldwide. Backyard chickens are unquestionably happier and healthier than factory farm chickens-- and unlike dairy, most of our chickens and eggs really are raised in factory farms.

But the eggs are the same. In double-blind tests, people can't tell the difference between grocery-store eggs and backyard eggs, and neither can laboratory tests. The only difference is that your home-grown eggs are slightly less likely to have salmonella issues (although you still have to be careful-- chickens carry all sorts of other germs, and free-range poultry can also pick up diseases from wild birds.)

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9/17/11 5:01 P

I love my chickens and collect my own fresh eggs, every color from a pretty pale green to a dark brown. I control the food they eat and allow them to roam free 6-8 hours a day, in other words I allow them to be "chickens" . There is huge difference in texture, taste and color between my eggs and the store bought varieties. I know there is no real difference in nutrient content between white and brown eggs, but what about my eggs vs. store bought? I do know eggs less than a few days old have very little cholesterol but other than that is there a difference? There is a lot of info floating out there as well as a lot of misinformation. Any thoughts????

P.S. I do not eat my "girls"

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