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12/28/11 11:23 A

Pedal-pusher -
I am so sorry that your sister did such a thing.
You are right, and I do try to think on the good qualities of my complex family! i am sure that I vex them some times too!

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12/28/11 10:56 A

You can't control what others do, you can only control what YOU do, and you are entitled to feel however you want.Keep yourself sane with the knowledge that you have done nothing wrong, and athat sometimes our decisions are taken away from us.

Some years ago my mother passed away, and my only sibling did not have the deency to let me know.......I received a letter from an old friend with the obit in the envelope. I went through the whole range of emotions, and while I am still a bit bitter about it, I know I have done nothing wrong, and when things are all said and done, it is my sister that will have to face her Maker with her wrongs.

Families.......they can be great and they can be horrid. If you are lucky, you get some of each.

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12/28/11 10:56 A

Sounds like my family! I live 10 minutes from my parents and sisters and am always the last one to find out anything! There have been times when I've heard a week or more after the fact that something happened. Your father going to the ER is a big deal and someone should have given you at least a text if not a call.

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12/28/11 10:38 A

Christmas Eve about 11 pm I see a post from a sister that our father was in the ER with a note that he was now okay.
I was upset that I did not know until after the fact and w/o FB would not have known at all. I am not long distance, and felt I should have been there.
Everyone is upset with me for feeling excluded. Am I wrong?

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