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7/26/13 8:32 A

Thanks everyone! The walks have been good for us and the kids have already asked if we get to go again today....

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7/25/13 6:00 A

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7/25/13 1:38 A

LENATROXTELL88, what a beautiful story. Family is what it's all about. Your kids will have those family walk memories for a lifetime. You're a good Mom (and Dad).

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WDWCHICK Posts: 875
7/24/13 11:05 P

That's great!

Sometimes when I run, my daughter will ride her bike. It works out well. We both get exercise and I don't have to worry about child care. :) She makes me push harder, too!


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7/24/13 7:48 P

That is SO wonderful when you can get kids to enthusiastically join in like that!! I think it says a lot about the caring parents they have (!)

I've seen many times when kids are dragged along (picture National, tired, hungry...) and it is such a difference when you go out of your way to make it fun for them, and at an age-appropriate level. Who cares if it wasn't a "road-race exercise session" for the parents---that's NOT what it should be!! Family time is so very precious! Great Job!!

7/24/13 7:43 P

So, we live in a neighborhood were we can walk. Not to many cars and some hills and valleys so it's not all straight. Well I have been wanting to walk but it was hard when the kids are home because I figured I would take them and they would fuss that it was hot or they were tired. The kids are very active but for some reason if we are walking like at the store they start the 'I'm tired' thing. So, me and my hubby went last night, the kids were with my mom, and we enjoyed it so much. I decided tonight I wanted all 4 of us to go, so we did. The kids did great right at 2 miles in around 40 minutes. It was great family time and they asked when we could go again. I think this is something we will be adding into our weekly schedule.SO EXCITED!!!

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