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7/24/13 6:43 A

I'm so happy for you! My husband has decided to eat the same meals as me, even though he doesn't have to lose weight. It DOES help a lot to know he's considering me every time he goes shopping or makes us a meal, and also that he doesn't mind eating veggies or salad every night.

Keep at it!!

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7/22/13 10:40 P

emoticon sounds like he is very proud of you emoticon emoticon

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7/22/13 8:34 P

So started with telling my cousin I was eating healthier and exercising which of course she told me how wonderful that was and that she needed to as well. Mentioning that in the year she has been in the US she has gained some weight too. We both laughed at our mutual chocolate and sugar addiction.

Then hubby comment that I was looking good. He has been very supportive of me exercising in the morning and such and even though I haven't lost much weight I have lost inches and my clothes fit better and I have more confidence. I guess it shows. emoticon

I used to think he didn't want me to lose weight when really he just didn't like me out running at night. He feels a little better that I am running in the day time when there are other runners and walkers around.

I'm glad I have his support. Always easier when people you love encourage you to be healthier. emoticon

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