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ELORA101 Posts: 192
3/19/13 6:37 P

Pokiefuzz-- thank you for posting that link. You seriously just did something wonderful for me!

3/19/13 12:31 A

patty im sory to hear about your fathers passing hon. i'm glad that site helps you , also add me and we can chat whenever emoticon

POKIEFUZZBUCKET SparkPoints: (102,315)
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3/14/13 8:09 P

You are very welcome! I have found that site helpful around other issues (my father passed away this past May and it is difficult to think of him not being at my wedding) so it has become my go to site lately.


3/14/13 2:09 A

POKIEFUZZBUCKET thanks for the article link! i found other articles on the site and i now know how to approach the situation. emoticon

FINDING_IVY Posts: 126
3/13/13 1:56 A

yes I have been with my fiance for 4 years and we have a daughter. He is a GREAT guy but my family is full of divorcees and they just can't seem to be happy about it. I tell them its my life, when you have to live it then you can complain

3/13/13 12:38 A

p.s. she isn't working but is consumed with worry about how to pay for the wedding. I'm definitely not getting any assistance from her which is understandable, but the rest of my family from her side have/won't offer but just keep harassing me about the money instead. emoticon

3/13/13 12:36 A

Thanks guys for the great advice! If my mother was more understanding then her advice would be a red flag, but in this case its not. My family never liked anyone I dated at the beginning. The criticized my every move ( reason why i stress eat sometimes) and basically there is nothing i can do in the world to satisfy them.
My mother is still single and she basically feels that i'm abandoning her for my fiance and his family. This in her mind means i love them more than her. I feel like it might be 20 years til they come around haha.

POKIEFUZZBUCKET SparkPoints: (102,315)
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3/10/13 11:47 A

Hi! I am not in the same situation (though I know people that have been), but I recently read this article and read through the comments and it came to mind when I saw your post:

Good luck to you, and enjoy your engagement!!

VENART Posts: 110
3/9/13 9:41 A

I'm not in the same situation (sometimes I think my mum love Ant more than she loves me!), but all I can say is it seems like the only thing you CAN do is wait for them to come around.

If my family didn't like Ant, for me it was be a bit of a red flag, though. As in, I would think that it meant they saw something I didn't that could save me from making a mistake. Why is it your mother can't stand him? Is it really him, or is it more the general idea of marriage? If it's just something like, 'you're too young to get married' and you're absolutely sure you want to spend the rest of your life with this man, then ignore your family, get married, and eventually they'll come around.

3/7/13 8:00 P

So my wedding is in August, and my mother's side of the family doesn't sound one bit too happy about the whole thing. My mother instigates fights non stop about it, and tells me about all the bills i owe (aka student loans). I'm currently living in Japan and its my first time living alone. I lived at home for college, and right before i left. They don't like my fiance, but they don't give him a chance either. I used to be engaged before, but it took 5 years for them to warm up to him. He passed away and my family also likes to compare new fiance to the old one.

Anyways, enough with the rant. Any future/past brides have family issues? What's a girl to do in this situation? Thanks!

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