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12/29/12 4:35 P

Bummer! My family is kind of temperamental too. They get mad when they go out to eat, offer to pay and I still say 'no'. They get upset when I don't feel like hanging out, and then they get mad when I go shopping, find something I like, and don't buy it even when I have the money...Families are weird...I'm just glad that I live far enough away from mine that I can have my own space....

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12/29/12 3:21 P


You shouldn't blame yourself for the reaction your parents had to the ice cream. I don't know all the details, but it sounds like there was some over reaction. I'm sure your parents don't hate you. It was merely a misunderstanding that seemed to get a little out of hand.

I've gotten into arguments with my family too. It's no fun. Some times, you have to learn to let things go. Some battles aren't worth fighting. You really do have to walk away from some situations. The grief isn't worth it.

Try not to worry. I'm sure this will all blow over before you know it and your parents will be upset when you leave to return to school. You may be an adult now, but to your parents, you're still their baby. They do worry about you even if it doesn't seem like it some days.


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12/29/12 1:08 P

Oh Girl, if you ever find out how to forever keep your parents happy or them being happy for you all the time, please let me know!!

I have the ultimate "Grumpy Old Man" for a father. It was probably about 10 years ago that I actually spoke up when I disagreed with something he said. My voice was quivering, my knees were shaking and I started crying. But I said what I had to say. Nothing has changed with him. Sometimes I speak up and tell him why I think he is wrong (it has gotten easier), but most times I just let it go. I might boil inside a little inside, but I don't want to cause a big family issue either. I thought he was the one that told me "If you can't say something nice, do not say anything at all". He does not live by that motto!

Your family doesn't hate you. I'm sure they love you to pieces.

Sometimes, we just need to walk away! Hugs you!!

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12/29/12 10:46 A

oh boy, I have done it again. Last night my parents and I went to Clarks. I am home on break. I had looked at an ice cream sandwich and had asked if it would survive the trip home in the freezer bag (home is an hour and a half away). After spending about as long in Clarks, I handed my parents a bottle of soda and some seaweed saying I needed to use the restroom before we left. They asked me to go get the ice cream but I said its ok, I was afraid it was going to get ruined and i didnt want to waste it (the thing was 5 dollars!). When I came back, they had checked out and we left. Well, long story short we got home and it was the wrong thing. Mom asked if it was what I had looked at (I had both told and showed it to them) and I said no, but it was ok because they were trying to be nice, and thank you. I then apologized to her perfusley about how sorry I was, that I dont want to be ungrateful or anything. Well, dad came out and asked the same question. Oh boy. Mom told him no, and he was so upset, saying that if his father had bought him that he would have just eaten it and not said anything. I said sorry, but he just told me to never expect him to do something like that again. For pete's sake, its ice cream! I would have eaten it, except the thing is 500 calories and 300 fat calories! He started doing the usual "Ya, like thats really gonna hurt you" speech when I looked at him and said "thats why I look this way" is because I dont eat that. What do I do? He is furious and I feel like a jackass.

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