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Family Issues Over Christmas

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Posts: 6,256
1/3/13 9:22 A

No drama since I had nothing to do with my mother (who doesn't celebrate Christmas) and my sister, both of which are narcissistic (mother especially).

It's sad in a way that it's just the 4 of us, but peaceful at least and no drama or hurt feelings or anger from me and my husband about driving hours on end only to be insulted, put down, etc.

SparkPoints: (76,906)
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Posts: 2,116
1/3/13 9:01 A

Always is with my husband's family. I'm an only child and am SO glad of that but his family is always a pain in my rear.

Posts: 2,667
1/3/13 8:10 A

the problem with family gatherings such as you mention is that there are so many

- emotions
- personalities
- expectations

Everyone (for the most part) is out of their "natural" element
People are expecting the best, and often that just doesn't happen

It's inevitable

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
1/3/13 7:30 A

Nothing at all. It was pure joy for us except that 4 of our sons are in Seattle and we are in AZ and spent Christmas with our number 4 son and family.

Posts: 48,328
1/3/13 6:58 A

Only family issue is my sister in law tried to justify her bad eating habits by trying to make me look bad. Hard for her to do when she is obese, diabetic with heart problems and simply loves processed food to death.

SparkPoints: (100,259)
Fitness Minutes: (76,475)
Posts: 2,953
1/3/13 6:54 A

We had a great time over the holidays. I tend to stay away from difficult people all the time as it is too tiring

SparkPoints: (216,329)
Fitness Minutes: (193,960)
Posts: 6,780
1/3/13 3:59 A

No, all we had was LOVE!!! Thank the Lord!!!

SparkPoints: (16,763)
Fitness Minutes: (7,431)
Posts: 726
1/2/13 11:47 P

With eleven siblings, all who have kids and grandkids, no one can expect perfect relationships all around. One thing that we are, is we are a spiritual family. We are not all of the same faith/denomination, but spiritual in that we all believe in God and we all try to honor Him in our lives. So, we swallow whatever hurts or angers, and all get together in my (90-year-old) mother's home -- and because we made the decision to be happy -- we have a blast. People on top of each other all over that little house. Little kids squealing and babies crying, and teens rolling their eyes at parents dancing. There's never been any drame or issues brought up at Christmas, and for that I'm so thankful. Our mom / grandmother/ great grandmother / great-great grandmother just bathes in the roaring sounds of happy times. So sorry that there are hurts and dramas so deep that they can actually ruin your day...I like it when some choose to be only with loved ones that can share in happiness.

SparkPoints: (18,801)
Fitness Minutes: (7,641)
Posts: 1,144
1/2/13 11:27 P

yes..and it not issues for over a year and a half..I wish it would end!!!

Posts: 11,336
1/2/13 10:24 P

Only positive ones

Posts: 11,336
1/2/13 10:23 P


Posts: 757
1/2/13 10:22 P

No issues that anyone was speaking of but definitely some animosity. That'll probably never go away... We lost my Dad in October so emotions are still pretty bare and some of us are more sensitive than others.

Posts: 270
1/2/13 10:22 P

I absolutely hate Christmas due to family drama.

Except for spending with with my husband and kiddos. I have decided this year to cut out the negative people in my life including family. I have deleted people from my facebook including family after this past Christmas. I will not put my kids through the stress I have grown up with.

I want them to enjoy the holidays. My brother and I decided we will make our own holiday traditions instead of the crazy expectations our families have. We just can't take the crazyness anymore. It isn't healthy. I will still be sociable to the family members for the sake of my grandmother but beyond that I just don't want anything to do with people who have been a constant drag on my life. I am moving on to better things for my family

SparkPoints: (81)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 12
1/2/13 10:19 P

No drama - just a different Christmas. My dad passed away last August so this was our first Christmas without him. He was almost 90. My concern now is my Mom - so hard to tell where she is in the grieving process!

SparkPoints: (2,974)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 460
1/2/13 10:17 P

What a topic. The drama at a funeral brought out the unreal characters of family members one time Ten feet from my dad's casket my former brother inllaw starts talking to me about my dad's possessions. no way

Posts: 13,611
1/2/13 9:59 P

Thankfully my family is drama free. We have our issues but drama isn't one of them.

SparkPoints: (63,838)
Fitness Minutes: (45,388)
Posts: 2,757
1/2/13 8:51 P

t was just my sister and myself. Peaceful and quiet.

Posts: 1,019
1/2/13 8:48 P

Luckily (?) my family is across the country, so our holidays are phone calls with each other. We've managed to avoid drama that way. But when we do get together every few years, drama all over the place!

Posts: 464
1/2/13 8:24 P

Did anyone have any family drama over the Christmas holidays? It seems like Christmas, weddings and funerals bring out the family issues.

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