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10/21/11 2:58 P

No matter how much they support you in other ways, this makes it clear, they are not going to change to help you lose weight. No matter if they say they want you to be a healthy weight, in reality they either don't care that much, or else, it is easier for them somehow if you stay overweight.

Maybe you being over weight makes them feel like they are healthier in comparison? Maybe your "problem" distracts attention from their "problem."
Maybe they like the way you look or the way you feel about yourself works to their advantage in some way.

You don't need to understand why, you just need to know that as far as they are concerned, your extra weight isn't a big enough problem to them for them to change their behavior.

You can't control them.

What junk they bring into the house is a variable that you have no power over.

So you have to decide if this will have power over you. Is your weight a big enough problem for you that you will change your behavior?

I recently saw a quote that went something like this:

The difference between an interest and a commitment is that you will act on an interest when it is convenient and attractive, but you will act on a commitment even when it is difficult and you don't want to.

Your family may be interested in seeing you lose weight, but they aren't committed. The only way it is going to happen is if you are committed.

I wish it were easier, but I hope that you are strong enough to do it anyway.

Best of luck.

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10/21/11 1:23 P

I agree with LUANN - my son and husband still snack on their favorite foods and yes I will even buy them while doing the grocery shopping.
Please understand we do eat much healthier meals, but I opt out of eating their snacks. I will eat a piece of fruit or my skinny cow ice-cream cone. I just ask myself do I really want to eat that, or do I want to reach my goal by the end of the year.

MATTDEL Posts: 720
10/21/11 11:37 A

Take over the shopping duties...that way you can purchase snacks and sweets that you don't like, but they will still eat.

I do the majority of the shopping, and have for years. Since I started doing this, my wife wants to come shopping with me now because I don't buy all those snack foods.

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10/21/11 10:52 A

If they won't stop bringing it into the house (and I wouldn't hesitate to occasionally say things like, "gee, I can hear your arteries screaming as they slam shut while you're eating that!" I have been known to ask my husband, as he sits down to eat something he shouldn't, "exactly how much life insurance do we have on you?") could you designate one out-of-the-way cabinet for them to keep their stuff in? Out of sight, a little easier to be out of mind. Put the ice cream behind the broccoli. Perhaps you could influence them to at least choose things you don't like-- I don't like Fritos so I couldn't care less if my husband buys them.

And be sure to have some healthy snacks in the house for yourself.

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10/21/11 9:37 A

Hiya Holly,

A normal weight does not mean one is healthy. Our weight is just a number, but the one thing it cannot measure is our health and fitness.

Below are a couple links to some SparkPeople articles that maybe able to help you out.

I wish you well! Be strong!
Coach Nancy

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10/21/11 8:11 A

"I live in a house with people who insist on having ice cream, tortilla chips, apple pie, oreos, and cake around the house. They don't struggle with their weight but I do. "

They are entitled to eat what THEY want... just like you are. This is YOUR journey, not theirs.

It's about personal responsibility and personal accountability.
YOU have to learn self-discipline, as there will always be temptations anywhere you go.

HOLLYANE777 Posts: 13
10/21/11 6:13 A

I am frustrated. I live in a house with people who insist on having ice cream, tortilla chips, apple pie, oreos, and cake around the house. They don't struggle with their weight but I do.

Is there anybody out there that can help explain to my family that having junk food around the house can be a huge obstacle to weight loss?

I ONLY pack on the pounds when I have lived in a household with high carb, high sugar foods..... my weakness. When I didn't allow binge foods in my kitchen, I was able to maintain and lose weight. For years, I was never more than 20 pounds overweight. Now...... my weight has climbed, I have 90 pounds to lose. I'm 5'6" and 230 pounds.

My doctor says "Explain how hard it is for you. Your family will want to support you and get rid of the junk food." I have tried many times. They don't get it. My family members are good people and supportive in many ways. But in this ONE area, .....they .... just.... don't .... understand!

I am told "You must work on your self discipline, that is what its ALL about." or "You must not really want to lose weight." or "I can handle being surrounded by all this food, why can't you?"

I can work my butt off and be highly successful on diets... up to a point. I track my food. I stay in my diet calorie range for many days in a row. I walk briskly on the treadmill for 4 to 5 hours a week. I feel proud strong and hopeful. Then...... I blow it, once, maybe twice a week. I'll eat a bunch of oreos and I don't lose weight. Of course, I realize I AM the one stuffing the oreos in my mouth!!! But its darn hard eating healthy soups, salads, chicken breasts, and cottage cheese when I know the pantry is filled with fattening goodies.

This diet... fail... diet... fail... cycle has happened many times. Debilitating and frustrating. Frankly, I've given up and I feel awful about myself. I haven't even tried to seriously diet for 6 months.

I'm trying to convince them to put a combination lock or lock with a key on a cabinet door and throw all their goodies inside. But, they say it is too much of a hassle.

***Any suggestions? Agree? Disagree? All opinions welcome! Thank you!***

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