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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/25/13 10:20 A

First, I think your calories/fats, etc, are just fine. Weight loss is a daily goal but our bodies don't lose weight one day (if we have a deficit) and gain the next (if we have a surplus) it doesn't exactly work that way. If you are posting a deficit in calories weekly, you're going to lose.

I wouldn't worry too much about the fats or carbs. No, you shouldn't eat too much of anything, but if you are still creating that deficit in your calories, you should be fine.

I have days where I'm over my fats (usually by just a little) and days when I am under my carbs. I think if you FEEL good and energetic, are getting your workouts in, and aren't starving yoruself, I wouldn't worry about the rest.

Make sure you're eating lots of whole foods (I also eat avocados, and don't worry as much about my fat on those days) and not a lot of processed, and your calories will likely always be in range.

Me? I eat when I am hungry, I stop when I'm full. If I notice my energy waning (it doesn't or hasn't yet!) then I would check and make sure to eat more of something, but I feel great, have energy, get sleep. I think all is well.

I should also state I am not a dietician.

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4/25/13 10:18 A

Nobody put in my information but myself my boyfriend cooked breakfast for me and I told him what I wanted. I eat break around 6:30-6:45 am and around 9am at work I'm hungry so I'm trying to prevent from being hungry. I track everything I eat but I look at my Sodium intake because I have high blood pressure and then I look at calories, fats and proteins.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/25/13 10:03 A

You may also be better off than you think. I was surprised because SP said i was low on some nutrients. i had a nutritionist look at my meals for a week and realized i was actually fine on everything. What entries are you using? What nutrients are you tracking? if the entry is made by another member, key things may be missing from the label. Though I would probably trust SP a little more and use their entries, I have found they are not always reliable either.
I don't track calories as much as I do other nutrients and I am low on some when i track here. I track on a different site and my numbers are more in line in some cases.
I figured I would just go for ballpark.

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4/25/13 9:55 A

I'm confused/fustrated with my daily progress report this morning well the pie chart where it shows how much carbs, fat and protein percentages. This morning I ate 2 slices of bacon french toast (rye pumpernickel bread 2 slices) made with 1/2 cup 2% milk and 1 egg, my boyfriend made it for me before he went to work. Cause the past two days I have been hungry even though I'm staying within my goals but I'm a fast oxidizer when comes to my metabolism. I don't undertsand how I'm already over my fats and low on carbs/proteins that's with my lunch included which will be a Southwest Salad from Chick Fil A. What am I doing wrong? I originally bought a 3.2oz sirloin from Texas Roadhouse with grilled 1.4oz and Texas Roadhouse greenbeans but when I logged it in for lunch it put me way over in fats/proteins and less in carbs. So I took it out and added the Southwest Salad instead.

When I try to add dinner: Yoplait Greek 100 cal yogurt it put me over in over/under. I feel like I have done something wrong, in my mind I rather be over than to be hungry but I want to see weight loss when I weigh in on Sunday. It that makes sense. I'm new to Sparkpeople! Would greatly appreciate insight.

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4/25/13 5:31 A

I am unable to make qualified comments (not a Dietitian) but would imagine that over/unders on occasion is fine. I think where it comes to the goals, aim for them, try to get various nutrients somewhere around the range, but don't beat yourself up if you don't.

The thing with fats is that yes, they are healthy, and yes, we need them, but a gram of fat has more calories than a gram of protein or carbs. If you replaced some of the fats with carbs, the calories would drop and you might find that you meet your goals more easily.

As far as calories are concerned, when I was in weight-loss mode I practiced giving myself permission to eat whatever I wanted, one day every two weeks. Sometimes it might have been pushing three weeks, but occasionally it would be just over a week. It balanced out. This was great for me because it allowed me to enjoy the odd treat that was calorie rich, and also helped to prevent me from becoming bored or frustrated. Since I reached my goal I have practiced one day in a week - again with the odd day over or less than the week. I still weigh all of my food and enter it on the Nutrition Tracker to ensure that I stay at my goal weight, and can happily report that this has been working well for me for over 2 years of maintenance. On the odd occasion I may not meet all nutrition goals, but over-all, on average I do.

I obviously didn't do myself any harm with my occasional lapses - my cholesterol went from high (even on meds and healthy diet) to now perfectly normal. My HbA1c, which had put me in the border-line pre-diabetes, is now perfectly normal, also.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
4/25/13 2:06 A

Absolutely it's okay. You have exactly the right attitude, looking at the average. The average over the long term is what matters, and I don't think anyone is absolutely "perfect" every day.

You might also want to add some nutrients to your tracker. For example, you can set it to track saturated fat, not just total fat. Then you'll know more specifically how much of your fat was "good" versus "bad" (although we do need *some* saturated fat.)

Whether it's your weight or your nutrient balance, one particular day's numbers are pretty insignificant. It's the sum and average of the week, month, or year that really matter.

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4/25/13 12:41 A

Sometimes I feel like the SP nutrition feedback report misses a lot of the nuance in analyzing what I've eaten. Yes, I went above my fat intake goal range yesterday and the day before, but the majority of the fats I consume are "good" fats, coming from things like avocado, olive oil, nuts, and non-dairy milk (I'll admit that the past couple of days I also had a couple of hot dogs, though this is not typical). Today, on the other hand, I barely met my fat goal. I don't plan it this way, but I tend to alternate high fat/low carb days with high carb/low fat days. There's some variation in calories, too: over the weekend, I went out to dinner and when I went to track my meal, I found it went WAY over what I'd expected (avocado burger & fries = 1500+ calories? really? whoops). The next day I happened to fall short of my calorie goal by about 65 calories.

So, generally speaking, sometimes I fall below my goal range, and sometimes I end up going above, but on AVERAGE, I'd say I definitely fall somewhere in the middle. Still, when I'm not meeting my goals, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Am I hurting myself at all by not meeting EVERY one of my goals EVERY day? I know it wouldn't be a good thing if I were fluctuating wildly in my intake from day to day, but if I'm fairly consistent and just happen to have the occasional "fluke" day, plus a few days where I'm not *quite* meeting every goal, is that okay?

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