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PENAM87 Posts: 46
5/9/13 6:26 P

Congrats! My suggestion would be to not punish yourself (you had a legitimate reason lol) and to not let your cravings or past transgressions get the best of you! I would gradually start eating healthier and cleaner, even if its just one meal a day for a week, then the next next week bump it up to a meal and a snack and then continue from there until all of your meals fall within your intake recommendations and all of your selections are healthier. Also, bump up your exercise so that the calories you've consumed don't get the best of you! Lastly, you have to be in the right frame of mind...think about why you joined SP? think why did you decide to start on your health/fitness journey? think of your long term goals. That alone should kickstart your way to getting back on track! Good luck!

LETAYLOR5413 SparkPoints: (21,693)
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5/9/13 3:04 P

Thanks for all of the help and kind feedback! I'm hoping to get back on the wagon ASAP! I'd really like to continue on my way to my goals :-)

5/9/13 1:57 P


I also recently fell off the wagon due to a vacation. I thought I'd come home and get right back on track, but one thing led to another and I'd let another week slip by. Some things that helped me:

1. I weighed myself. While I didn't want to get back on the scale, I needed to assess the damage. The good news: I hadn't gained as much as I'd thought. I wasn't a total failure.

2. I forgave myself. Instead of beating myself up for failing yet again, I decided to let it go. My mindset went from, "I blew it; no sense in even trying" to "I only delayed my goal for a couple of weeks; I'll still get there, just two weeks later."

3. I climbed back on the wagon immediately. I didn't wait until Monday or until I'd gone to XYZ event. I didn't even wait until the next morning. I started that very minute.

Good luck!

ELENGIL Posts: 957
5/9/13 1:45 P

You aren't alone! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MARRIAGE! That's fabulous!

First, don't punish yourself, you *had every right* to enjoy yourself at your wedding! Even if that does mean over eating.

Now, give yourself a week or two to slowly ease yourself back to your calorie and nutrition ranges. Don't try to go cold turkey all at once, because you might feel suddenly deprived. So let yourself ease back to more focused, healthy eating.

Also, can you get your brand new spouse on board with you? Being conscious together can really help, and exercising together can make it a lot more enjoyable than on your own.

And, of course, see if you can find more calorie/nutrition conscious alternatives to some of your favorite treats. For me it's raspberries. I will pass up any decadent dessert there is for a bowl of raspberries!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/9/13 1:44 P

Congratulations on getting married!

It's hard to "reel it in" when we're in a celebratory mood - but just going back to tracking helps me a lot. I really don't want to put 2500 calories worth of stuff in my tracker, so I make a decision to track everything I eat. You can still eat lots of good food, you'll just be aware how ,much good food you're eating. ;)

LETAYLOR5413 SparkPoints: (21,693)
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5/9/13 1:39 P

Oh my goodness, I need to know I'm not alone!!

I've recently attended a skew of awesome family events - I got married last weekend, and ate soooo much food! I've gotten into an extravagant eating habit, and now I can't seem to reel it in. I feel like it's my Christmas season all over again, with food being everywhere and DELICIOUS!

What's a good way to get back on track without feeling like I'm punishing myself?

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