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8/31/13 11:44 P

I started thinking about winter weight this week too. I can tell you it isn't just a snow thing though because I'm in SoCal and we do it too. Reading this string helped me understand why. My tentative strategy is going to be a series of small challenges/goals. Constant sweets in the open at work is definitely a challenge for me during the holidays so I'm going to put a pitcher of fruit infused water next to the fudge and make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks on hand. From the soup comment earlier I also think I might put crockpot of something healthy and comforting next to the fudge too.

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8/26/13 4:45 A


I know many people put on weight during the winter because they might not get enough exercise because of the weather or they might be eating a few too many comfort foods.

However, a person doesn't have to gain weight because of a season change. I don't gain weight anymore. That's because I continue to do my best to eat right, watch my portions and get some regular exercise. As others have noted, you can still exercise during the winter. The universe doesn't stop spinning because it's snowing out.

There are LOTS of great things you can do in the winter. You can go sledding with the kids. You can teach your children how to ice skate. You can hike in the snow. You can learn to use snow shoes. you can ski ! If you don't want to engage in outdoor sports, like others said, get some DVDs and workout inside.

Really, though, the primary reason most people gain in the winter is because they are eating too much. If you are mindful of those portions, you won't gain weight. It's okay to indulge, but we don't want to over indulge too often.

Think portion control year round.

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8/26/13 3:12 A

Exercise DVDs. Seriously you NEVER have to go outside then to exercise. It's convenient since it is right there at your finger tips. I think as far as how you feel it DOES sound like SAD to me. I have it to so I get it. I think eating a balanced diet and steering clear of refined carbs helps. Vitamin D, a good multi, good fruits and veggies help.

8/26/13 1:45 A

Have you tried the remedies for Seasonal Affective Disorder? I found that increasing my Vitamin D and using a sun lamp in the winter greatly changed my motivation levels. Try searching for a hobby, any hobby that you can enjoy during winter months. I'm with Kendilynn . . . I'd rather work out in the cool weather, and I look forward to healthy versions of my favourite baking, oven and soup recipes.

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I think the best thing you can do is make sure the changes you're making now are sustainable and get well entrenched in your new habits before then. You have to get past the point where you feel like you have to *make* yourself go to the gym every day, and you start thinking of it in terms of *getting* to go to the gym every day. After a while of eating healthy, you no longer have to deprive yourself of junk food because you're body stops wanting it. I personally can't wait for cool weather, because I have a bunch of super healthy soup recipes that I don't get in the summer time. But sometimes it takes redefining your idea of "comfort food".

Fall/winter is our "nice" weather time of year. Last year I let my gym membership lapse during the summer because I couldn't stand getting out of the gym all hot and sweaty and climbing into a car with the temp gauge reading 126. I'd rather sweat in the winter than sweat in the summer. But I hate snow too.

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8/25/13 7:16 P

I know it is early for this but I am wondering how many pack on pounds when it gets cold? I used to call it my hibernation weight. All I want to do that time of year is sleep and eat. Starts october/november to march/april. I HATE snow with a passion and I don't love cold weather either. I am stuck here right now caring for my parents or I would move. It seems so much harder to exercise and eat right those months, especially going to the gym in the snow -blech. It is in the 90s now so I know I have a little while but it is coming. Any ideas? I don't think it is seasonal dedepression and can't take most meds anyway. I just really, really , really hate that time of year!

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