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SUGAR0814 Posts: 5,446
3/28/13 11:42 P

My doctor removed one from my neck that was very annoying. I have several but he wouldn't remove them all.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (307,262)
Fitness Minutes: (290,913)
Posts: 3,775
3/28/13 11:27 P

I wouldn't tackle doing that myself. If I really needed to have something done, I'd see a doctor.

3/28/13 11:22 P

Thanks for the advice. I have had skin tags removed by my doctor and they sometimes grow back. Yuck!!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/28/13 11:17 P

Believe me I'd like to bring it back but I lost the receipt emoticon

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (522,924)
Fitness Minutes: (331,007)
Posts: 14,422
3/28/13 10:59 P

Wow, that's good to know. Thanks!!!!

ANARIE Posts: 13,160
3/28/13 10:46 P

Someone said, " Our FDA is bad, they need to crack down on this kind of stuff."

Except, they can't.

This product is an herbal supplement. The FDA can't touch it. The supplement and other "natural" product manufacturers have an incredibly powerful lobby, and they have managed to get themselves specifically excluded from the authority of the FDA. The FDA is the Food and Drug Administration. If your don't put the words "food" or "drug" on the label, you can sell any c**p you want. As long as you don't use the words "treat" or "cure," and you don't put any actual drug in it, the laws about truth in labelling don't apply. That's how they get away with all those "diet supplements" that either don't work at all or have harmful ingredients. The FDA can't regulate them, and you can't sue them. There's no law that says they have to prove that they work, and no law that even says they have to tell the truth about what's in the product.

I can bottle up clippings from my lawn mixed with fireplace ashes and sell them to you as "Weight Loss Magic! (Herbal Supplement)," and neither you nor the FDA can touch me.

If you think that's wrong, write to your representatives and say you want regulation of supplements and "natural" products.

FISHER011 Posts: 1,603
3/28/13 10:05 P


3/28/13 9:50 P

I had a few skin tags removed by a doctor - first time he just snipped them off - not too painful. A couple of them came back a few years later -and this time the doc froze them off. Much more painful and they don't come off right away - sores for a few days, then dark spots, took a few weeks to get back to normal skin color. If I had to do it again I would just have them snipped.

SWEETNHOT Posts: 526
3/28/13 9:42 P

Thank you for letting me know.

ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (236,852)
Fitness Minutes: (201,440)
Posts: 17,813
3/28/13 9:38 P

My husband and I see those ads and wondered if anyone bought that stuff, you can tell from the weird commercial that it's not on the "up and up", if you get my drift. Feel sorry for old people who spend money that they need for food on this type of thing. Our FDA is bad, they need to crack down on this kind of stuff.

MOTTSIE Posts: 185
3/28/13 8:32 P

Thanks for sharing! I was tempted to try it out as its cheaper than a dermatologist visit. Sorry you had to waste your $$ on it.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,064
3/28/13 8:17 P

Bed Bath and Beyond has a liberal return policy. Check it out, you may be able to return the stuff

CARTOON3 SparkPoints: (32,526)
Fitness Minutes: (13,033)
Posts: 2,276
3/28/13 5:04 P

Thanks for the information.Won't buy it.

SONICB Posts: 4,363
3/28/13 2:54 P

My boyfriend gets skintags and says he went to the dermatologist once to have some of them removed--they were flashfrozen with liquid nitrogen and then cut off or something. Very quick, but I think briefly painful?

RMR9798 SparkPoints: (171,230)
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Posts: 619
3/28/13 2:46 P

Just an FYI - my brother in law read that clear nail polish can be used to remove skin tags. He tried it and it worked for him (took a few weeks - I can't remember how long). I have been meaning to try it but have never gotten around to it. It's the same principal - apply the nail polish a few times a day.

LILBLUEYEDARLIN SparkPoints: (2,614)
Fitness Minutes: (395)
Posts: 59
3/28/13 2:31 P

Thanks for the info!

CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
3/28/13 2:16 P

I had been considering it, thanks for the review.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/28/13 2:15 P

Your welcome, yes the smell is so bad I can't use it again. It's beyond words to describe but it chokes you ( I have a few that I'd love to get rid of but will see a dermatologist for it rather then suffer using it).
I mean you have to use it 3 times a day for about 6 weeks and believe me unless you have the bibits or skin tags near your toes hahaha you can't handle this toxic smell.
I was even telling my aunt about it and my cousin was going to buy it an I said don't waste your money it's a horrible smell and he can't take anything with strong scents either.
Yes save your money it was 15 bucks wasted for me!

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (258,371)
Fitness Minutes: (160,004)
Posts: 2,119
3/28/13 3:07 A

Did it work ? I've only had one and found it quite annoying. I twisted it until it fell off. I don't recommend it to others though.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
3/28/13 12:49 A

Thank you because if I would have seen the product I might have tried it as I have a few tags I want removed. I cannot handle odors so a big thank you to you! :)

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/27/13 1:29 A

OK I have what I call bibits, but others may call it skin tags... so I see the commercials for tag away looks easy, not that expensive and I found it in bed bath and beyond...
OOOOOOOOOOOOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has the most god awful smell to it , I'd rather have the bibits or skin tags what ever you call them this smell is just too much to deal with don't waste your money! It's so bad it's like you can taste it , GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS emoticon

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