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1/28/14 3:54 A

The 'all day' type things aren't measuring your heart rate. They're measuring how much you move around with an internal accelerometer.

Different thing.

Deb, in New Zealand
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1/28/14 1:39 A

Also, the standard convention in counting calories is to include your underlying metabolism as well as what you burn through activity. Most people burn around 60-90 calories per hour through their metabolism.

This is technically a double count, as typically metabolism is counted elsewhere. This double count is pretty insignificant for short intense exercise, but for long duration activities (such as wearing it all day), this can lead to a pretty significant distortion.


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1/27/14 11:33 P

okay, got the fact and will use my FT7 while cardio workouts only
this article clears a lot of confusion

so how accurate are FitBit or Body media without a chest strap
if i want to know how much calories i am burning the whole day if it worth investing in one?

i don't want to know step count as i use pedometere app in my phone, my requirement is just to know my actual TDEE
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1/27/14 10:47 P

The 'heart rate to calories burned' calculation is only applicable to cardio exercise. It is not applicable for strength training, yoga, or sitting around doing your desk job, no.

Deb, in New Zealand
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1/27/14 9:53 P

i wore my FT7 HRM for an hour while doing my office Deskjob, my heart rate was around 90 and i burned 190 calories in an hour

does that means i burn around 1650 plus calories in 9 hours

i am not planning to invest in Fitbit/Bodymedia plus FT7 has a Chest Strap so i am trying to evaluate approx calories burn during the day while doing my desk job

does anyone has any idea on this
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