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2/1/12 7:00 P

ty for your post, I will look into the FIT workouts. emoticon

1/30/12 11:55 A

Unfortunately this seems to be another of those misleading workouts which are basically recycled 1980s vintage aerobics with added mini weights to infer some form of strength training component. In my experience the benefits obtained are not commensurate with the time and energy expended. The weights used are insignificant and not challenging.

You will have better results simply doing a quality workout using bodyweight exercises. There are several on Spark including some in the forums on the team site F.I.T. Females in Training.

A scale only measures the force of gravity on you at a given moment in time and can vary not only daily and weekly be even during a single day. Your measurements and the use of full length front and side view photographs will provide a better progress evaluation tool.

BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (33,432)
Fitness Minutes: (43,716)
Posts: 1,638
1/30/12 10:10 A

I am so unhappy with my progress, that I thought I share with you my routine today. I use water bottles filled with sand, and they weigh 3.8 lbs each.
Since I must learn french, I thought working out in french would help me with the language , i know what "tourjours " more !! ha

I try and watch what I eat, I think i opened up my trackers for viewing..

I want to weight less..sounds simple, but the scale is not moving !!
i would appreciate any ideas !


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