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MISSKETA2 Posts: 1
4/7/10 1:10 P

No it's not fake. One of my friends tried it that i hadn't seen in months. When I saw her my jaw dropped she had lost so much weight. So i tried it but i didnt follow the program the way i should have. I only did the hips buns and thighs video about 5 days a week for about 3 weeks and I lost 11 pound in only that short amount of time. I didn't realize I had lost that much weigh until i weighted myself, because people at work kept asking me had I lost weight. So yes it does work just imagine if you do all of the workouts and follow the plan.

1/10/10 1:39 A

It's not fake, it's pretty great! Just make sure you're doing the 'tilt, tuck, tighten' all the time :)

CHARLIE603 Posts: 304
7/3/09 6:23 P

The amount of calories you are going to burn will be related to your weight and the intensity of the exercise. I estimated HHAbs cardio groove to be moderate intensity and HHAbs fat burn to be low intensity. Then, I went to a fit calculator (
ite/calculat.htm) and put in my weight and duration of exercise. It doesn't have HHAbs but it does have low impact and high impact aerobics listed, so I figured my calorie burn was somewhere in-between those two. Bottom line, I estimate the calorie burn for my weight for moderate intensity exercise to be around 8 calories per minute (5 calories for low impact and 10 for high impact). Hope this helps!

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KALLIE30 Posts: 109
5/8/09 10:32 P

I am a FIRM fan to. I bough the gym on the go because I was gone so much a few months ago. LOVE IT
Yes they have some great workouts. I ordered the new ones they have using balls... I am excited
should be here next week....

HEALTHYGIRL1013 Posts: 3
5/8/09 10:19 P

I just got hip hop abs!! Does it work really good or is it a fake??? emoticon

6/24/08 8:27 P

Did anyone ever figure out the Calorie Burn for Hip Hop Abs?

PORTER2005 Posts: 3
2/17/08 10:29 A

hello, I see that you were looking to find out how many calories were burned doing the hiphop abs dvd. I am also looking to find out the answer as I just started the workout. If you have found out the answer, could you please let me know! I would love to know as well. LOL Thanks :)

ALYCURRY Posts: 42
1/24/08 12:44 P

This is a great idea! It would be great to just list them by video. I have a HR watch but need to figure out how it I've heard rumors of folks who've burned upwards of 1,000 using Turbo Jam, too, so would definitely be curious to break down these videos.

UMUCGRAD Posts: 51,235
1/24/08 10:13 A

Thank you! This helps a lot. I used The Firm YEARS ago, but recently purchased the newer ones on DVD. Now I know how to track them. Again, thank you.

MSUCLAN Posts: 309
1/24/08 10:04 A

What we need to do is each take a workout, sit down and record all of the exercises then post them here. With all of us doing we should be able to cover most of the Firm workouts. I talking primarily the strength training dvds. this has been bugging me to no end! I want to be able to count the toning that I do! I always do DVD's. I need guidance!!

NUBIENNELADY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,720)
Posts: 585
1/24/08 3:31 A

I workout almost exclusively using the FIRM. In the tracker, if I do one of the Cardio + Sculpt workouts, I record it as Circuit Training. If it's primarily Cardio, I list it as aerobics (step to be more exact) and for primarily Sculpt, I list the major exercises (i.e. squats, lunges, bent rows, etc and the weight I used). It's not exact but at least I'm recording it.

Hope this helps.

JMOONEY999 Posts: 10
1/24/08 1:36 A

I was asking the same question. I found this site.

I did the HHA Fat Burning Cardio for 30 min.

I figure with my weight I burned about 298.

ALYCURRY Posts: 42
1/17/08 9:09 A

Anyone out there using FIRM videos or Hip Hop Abs know an approximate number of calories burned? What's the best way to find this in the fitness tracker? I've been choosing "aerobics" from the the menu, but I'm not sure this really fits the FIRM workouts.

Any ideas or anyone out there with a fancy gadget that calculates such things? :)

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