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9/6/11 5:50 A

There are days I have just like you but what keeps me focused is I have hanging up in my bedroom the goals I set for myself. I also have a picture of me an I have somethings I want truly want which the only way I can get is if I lose the weight. But I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement. Which means. I set small goals like the person that posted for the day then I reward myself with something that isnt' a tv show, time to crochet , just something small.

I am a bad diabetic meaning I dont' always check my sugars so what I am telling you I am doing also for myself to check my sugars. I know it seems like a mountain to climb to lose weight but slow and steady wins the race everytime. What I have learned for myself is you have to turn off everyone around you and do the goals for yourself and if people comment or don't understand don't share with them set these goals for you and you will do it . I have faith in you.

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9/5/11 2:20 P

thank you all for your advice. i have actually been doing good and hope to stay that way. i have set small goals for myself. i think wanting to lose 50 pounds all at once is to much so everytime i lose 10 pounds i will buy myself something nice. : )

MMSANGSTER49 Posts: 621
8/31/11 11:35 A

Just thinking about how much better I feel when I eat healthy and exercise is enough for me. Have you tried that? I also agree with starting smaller if P90X is scaring you. Start with walks, then jog/walk, etc etc.

I am not a mom but I have heard of many "mommy and me" classes. Have you searched your area?

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8/31/11 11:31 A

to keep me going i got an out fit i want 2 fit in i may never get there but i want it so bad i keep going..........if u ever need some 1 2 talk 2 message me

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/31/11 11:06 A

Also, don't think of it as some kind of all-or-nothing deal. I'm scared of the P90x too! (although very admiring of people who can do it.) Start smaller with something you can do more easily. Take your 11 month old for a walk or jog around a park in the stroller. Do a short 10 minute Sparkpeople video. Don't start tomorrow, start today, start NOW. So what if during the first part of the day you ate too much or didn't exercise? Whatever, that's over. Make the next moment, the next few hours, different from that! Eat a healthy snack & have a nutritious dinner.

You can do it!

CAR58OLE Posts: 718
8/31/11 10:17 A

I think you just have to really "want" to do this! Thinking about your 11 month old - and if you feel 40 now, how old will you "feel" when your child wants to go for a walk - play - or later when she wants to shop - you NEED to want to be healthy for her... it isn't all about getting to "goal" it is about getting healthy and active!

I too lose my motivation - I do well for so many days - then I let my guard down and whhooosh... it sucks me back into old habits!

The only way to make NEW "habits" is to do them over and over again until they become a habit.

How about thinking about 1 goal each day...
Today I will______________________________________
and if I can do it today I will do it again tomorrow... after a few days, add another small goal...

These goals can be something as simple as :
Today I will drink 8 glasses of water...
Tomorrow I will drink my water AND I will eat 5 F/V...
Another day add I will TRACK my progress
Add I will take my 11 month old for a walk...just a short 20 minute slow walk around town...
THEN You can add - your 20 minute walk will become 30 minutes a day...

By the end of September you will be doing all these things out of "HABIT"!

Good luck - you can do this - just take one step at a time............

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8/31/11 10:01 A

i feel like i have no motivation what so ever. everytime i think imma finally start tomm i cant or i do and somehow by 1pm i already messed up and say hey whats the point i already messed up . i was so motivated n still am i just cant seem to stick to it. any suggestions? i have an 11 month old and i keep saying its baby weight but i already lost the 30 pounds from that and i need to lose 60 more to get to my goal of 145 which is what i was wen i met my hubby. im only 26 and i feel like a 40 yr old in this body with no motivation . i have th ep90x at home and look at it everyday but i guess im scared of any one can help i can really use a friend right now : /

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