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6/22/13 1:46 A

Hi, Tami. You have been given some great advice. I would like to add the following:
1. If you starve your body you will not lose weight but gain weight. The reason for this is the body's protection mechanism to make sure it does not starve. Right now everything you are putting into your body is either being used up as energy or retained as fat.
2. Tami, you need to fall in love with that person you saw in the mirror. She deserves your acceptance of her before she can move on.
3. While we at SP can tell you things according to our experiences, it is time for you to seek the professional help of a psychiatrist and a counselor. You are going to need help to fall back in love with you.
4. You also need to visit your primary physician so that he/she can examine you see what is happening to you physically.

Always wishing you the best.


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6/22/13 1:26 A

Hi Tami - I am sorry that you are in such pain over the failure to achieve the weight-loss you want/need. Have you spoken to your Dr about this to see if there is something medical going on? Sometimes things like Hypothyroidism is a common factor with failure to lose weight, as is Depression, and some medications. Your Dr will be able to examine you to see what is going on. If you don't have Therapy for Depression and your feelings regarding your weight, then it would be a very good idea to ask for a referral to one - especially one who deals with weight issues. He/she will be able to help you as you go on this journey.

It may also be a very good idea to ask for a referral to a Registered Dietitian who will be able 'prescribe' your plan based on YOUR needs etc. I know that I had always eaten a very healthy diet and within a normal weight-loss range, but I was steadily gaining over the years. I took some printouts to the Dietitian and in next to no time she had figured the problem and put me on the road to rectify the problem. The weight started to come off, slowly but surely, after having been over-weight for about 30 years. It took 16 months to lose the first 50lb, and I happily sat there for a year, enjoying the new me, and my new clothes, before deciding to move on down again.

In the meantime, make sure that you eat balanced - plenty of fruit/veges, quality protein - not from processed sources - and quality carbs - again, not from processed sources. Make sure that you weigh all of your food for increased accuracy, and enter it all into your Nutrition Tracker. That will help you to see where your diet needs tweaking to meet your needs.

You NEED to eat to lose weight - you also NEED to eat to be healthy!

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

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6/21/13 11:04 P

I'm sorry, but if the feeling is so strong that you want to die, I STRONGLY suggest you seek psychological help. Not being at a certain weight is not a good reason to want to end your life.

Also, along with what others have said, 1 bowl of cereal a day (no matter how big) is not enough to get you through the day.

There is another thing to consider: How long have you been trying? I'm not saying it will take you just as long, but I started my journey in 2009, and I'm still not 'there' yet. These things take time. It's a learning process that requires trial and error. Usually people who are overhauling their life style are literally changing habits that have been learned over the last few years. It takes time to learn new ones.
One more thing: Losing weight gets better (not easier, just better) when you actually LOVE yourself. Hating yourself actually keeps you from achieving your goals.

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6/18/13 11:12 P

Oh my goodness! One bowl of cereal a day is not enough, especially if you are exercising. Your body will put itself into starvation mode and hold on to what it already has. As the Ladystarwind said, set up the nutrition tracker and stay within that range. Try to make one small change in your routine. Maybe limit soda or pop. Try a new vegetable. Start with small steps and I know you will see results.

Good luck and take care of yourself.

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6/18/13 11:03 P

So have you set up your target Calorie Range in Spark, and started using the Nutrition Tracker?? It will really help you get control of a Balanced Eating Plan!! With the right balance of Carb/Fat/Protein and sufficient calories your body will thank you, and reward you with feeling better, and losing weight!

You Need To Take Care Of Yourself if you plan to succeed at getting healthier, exercising and losing weight!!

Start by planning a good balanced breakfast each day, and work up from there.... Everything you do will help in the long run. Keep on the message boards, and see how others have succeeded.
Your Ticker says it all--(almost): "Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it". Only for this to work, you also need to take action!! You Can Do This!!

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6/18/13 8:21 P

No maam that asnt a typo... I really want to lose weight, so thats what i was TRYING.. I figured out it doesnt work..LOL.. I need to start eating healthy i know i keep saying this...but dont do it!!!

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6/18/13 8:14 P

Hi Tami! How do you survive on one bowl of cereal in a day? I do hope that was a typo. My firm belief is that we have to nourish our bodies, and the best way to do that is to eat healthy whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies, water, and things that will make you strong. Just take it slowly, one step at a time. Walking is great, so is swimming and it's very easy on the body. I do hope you feel better soon. emoticon emoticon

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6/18/13 8:04 P

Hi everyone I'm in desperate need of some encouragement.. i looked at myself in the mirror and broke down in tears, it feels like i will NEVER lose weight, like im destined to be huge the rest of my life!! I used to be thin, and very happy.. i barely eat, but when i do, i eat cereal, 1 bowl a day.. im walking alot, and i cant lose weight!! i feel like giving up at times and just pigging out, then if i do, i get so guilty, i wanna die, what do i do??? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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